April Fools Day: Some Infamous Practical Jokers

April Fools day

April Fools Day will soon be upon us. It seems like a good time to talk about the best, the most infamous practical jokers of all time. One of the most infamous April Fools Day jokers was Noel Godin. Before becoming infamous, he was a writer and an actor from Belgium. He became infamous for pelting Bill Gates with cream pies in 1998. He says that his work was done after making Gates eat cream. This work was enough to make him infamous forever.

The next infamous April Fools Day practical joker was Barry Bremen. When he was not selling insurance in Phoenix, Arizona, he was pulling practical jokes on sports teams. His infamous nickname was the Great Impostor. Some of his sports of pranks were pretending to be an All-Star at the Major League Baseball All-Star game, was an umpire at the World Series, was an All-Star basketball player at the NBA All-Star game and a referee in the NFL. He even somehow was able to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. He also just for fun got an Emmy Award when he was not even on a TV show and it did not belong to him. Barry Berman was an artist who deserves to be infamous

The next April Fool’s Day infamous artist was Joey Skaggs. Berman loved to fool the sports people. Skaggs’ job was to make the people in the media look like fools. His most infamous stunt was to create a truly ugly version of the Statue of Liberty as a way to supposedly protest the Vietnam War.

The next April Fool’s Day practical joker is Charlie Todd. He has a performance group in New York City called “Improv Everywhere.” The people in the group adopt strange kind of personalities and encounter people on the streets with these personalities. The group has also filmed the encounters as they are very funny.

Alan Funt turned April Fools Day practical jokes into mass entertainment. He hosted a TV show called Candid Camera in the 1940s that revolved around doing practical jokes on people. A typical practical joke on the show was a person going on an elevator. When the doors to the elevator close, all the other people on the elevator turn to face the back wall of the elevator. The person who got on the elevator turns to face the same direction as the other people. One person says. “Smile, you are on Candid Camera!” There have been many versions of this show over the years. One was even hosted by Alan Funt’s son.

The current king of April Fools practical jokers on Tv is Ashton Kutcher. He did a show on MTV called Punk’d that is still seen as one of the infamous practical joke shows of all time. Most of the practical jokes were done on his celebrity friends. All of them saw the humor in the jokes as none of them sued him. His fame has been seen as a practical joke as he has done relatively little to be so famous. He is currently starring on Two and a Half Men so he at least is doing something to earn his reputation.

These are the April Fools Day practical jokers who have earned their infamy and hopefully more people will join them. The world always needs a joke.

By Tom Clark



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