Arkansas Woman Jailed After Caught Breastfeeding and Drinking at One Time

Arkansas Woma Jailed After Caught Breastfeeding and Drinking at One Time

Should an Arkansas woman have been charged with jeopardizing the welfare of her baby when she breastfed the child after she was caught drinking alcohol in a Conway, Arkansas restaurant? Well she was and she was jailed due to the fact. Even though the charge was dropped, the issue of drinking and breastfeeding remains a very sensitive topic.

Adams, age 28, was eating pizza with her parents and had her nursing baby in her arms when two Conway police officers came into Gusano’s Restaurant and put the young mother under arrest for child endangerment. The family, who resides in the adjoining dry community of Toad Suck, had stopped by the Chicago type pizzeria for lunch after they had attended the funeral of a friend.

Adams stated that she only had two beers. But Jackie Connors did not buy that explanation. The waitress who was off duty showed up early for a business meeting. She took note of Adams and saw her drinking beer and then she saw a fussy baby begin to cry and Adams begin breastfeeding. Connors stated there were at least three drinks in front of Adams.

The waitress, who would wind up getting fired only a week later, felt the need to intervene but was clueless as to what to do. She first spoke to one of her managers at the restaurant, but they had decided to let the event pass without sticking their noses in it.

However Jackie decided not to do this. Being she is the mother of an infant herself, she felt she needed to get involved in the situation. She gave a ring to her own mom, who quickly sent her a text back that told her to call the police. The time was about 11 p.m. when police arrived at the restaurant. When they came to the table, they informed Tasha that they had received a telephone report that she was drinking alcohol while she was breastfeeding. Adams explained that she had no idea that the action was considered illegal. The thing was is that her actions were not unlawful.

The officers did not take any kind of Breathalyzer from Adams, but she did admit that she had drunk two beers. The officers made the decision to arrest Adams because they said she was jeopardizing the welfare of her own child. They also had her call up another member of her family to take the child home. But had Tasha really put her baby in any type of actual peril? Apparently no.

Arkansas district attorney Chuck Clawson ended up having no choice but to drop the child endangerment charge Tasha had on her. The Arkansas State Legislature does not have any kind of breastfeeding while drinking laws beverages. Adams had been facing the child endangerment charge up until just last week when Clawson finally dismissed the charge due to there not being enough evidence to prove that Tasha was drunk.

Even with the court’s decision, Connors has declared she would do everything the exact same way again if she were to see the same situation happening. She stated that a baby cannot speak for itself, and she added that even if she knew beforehand that her job was on the line and it was just before the holiday season, she would repeat it.

Adams was charged with jeopardizing the welfare of her baby because she breastfed the child at the same time as she was caught drinking beer in a Conway, Arkansas restaurant. She was even jailed due to the fact. The charge ended up being dropped, but the issue of drinking and breastfeeding remains a very sensitive topic in Arkansas and all across the United States.

By Kimberly Ruble


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