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Captain Phillips star, Barkhad Abdi, may have been a shinning star at the Oscars on Sunday, but his life is far from bright. It is hard to believe that a lead character from a blockbuster movie grossing over $217 million is broke. Well, the truth of the matter is that is Abdi’s reality at this current time. The 28-year-old only received $65,000 for his amazing performance. In the grand scheme of things, that is actors minimum wage. Tom Hanks was paid a handsome amount to do the film, and has not been in any financial strain. The amount Abdi has been paid in comparison to Hanks. makes one question if they shorted him. However, that is a question for his lawyer to answer. In the meanwhile, he is just making do with what he has.

Abdi played Muse, the leader of the pirates, who took over Captain Phillips boat. He played a captivating role in this past year’s blockbuster. Therefore, he has been making his rounds at many award shows for the stellar performance. Although, he has only snagged a BAFTA for best supporting actor and not many other awards, he was still nominated. That is more than Abdi can ask for, after all, he has never acted a day in his life before this movie. So, when he was cast it must have all been overwhelming. Being thrust into the spotlight is difficult for anyone. He went from a broke guy getting by to a star. That is a huge culture shock. Getting adjusted to this industry with no prior experience can be difficult. The difficulties of actually filming a movie and how demanding it is could have possibly gotten to him. In fact, after he finished filming, he went to Minneapolis to work at his brother’s phone store. Soon after the movie was about to be released, he left the phone store and continued life as a soon to be star.

However, as the time has been passing things have not been getting  better. All is not lost, as he has still been maintaining a decent lifestyle recently. Abdi has had people taking care of him because he is broke, and they have extended the olive branch. When he is out promoting in Los Angeles, he stays in hotels on per diem at the Beverly Hilton. It is reported that the studios put the Captain Phillips star up there. Furthermore, when he travels, the town car is only for press use and his clothes are on loan. Abdi sent in a request to the studios to better benefit his current situation. The young actor asked if he could be moved to a shuttle hotel close to his friend, because his friend is a cab driver. The free cab rides around LA could be very beneficial to him getting his career on track.

Abdi may not have the reputation he desires, but he is further along in his career accidentally than some that have tried. He is grateful for the opportunity and will definitely not let it go to waste. In fact, at the moment, Abdi is reading scripts in search of his next big movie role.

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