Ukraine to Receive 1 Billion From US

UkraineJohn Kerry said on Tuesday that the United States will grant a $1 billion loan to the Ukraine as part of a plan to support the country and to help meet the needs currently rising in Kiev. Kerry also said the United States does not want to enter into a military confrontation with any country over the events that are unfolding in the nation’s capital.

The United State’s Secretary of State also said the President Obama is working on seeking out all possible paths to providing economic assistance to the Ukraine directly. Congress will soon make a ruling that will shed light on the country’s economic plan for Ukraine. This decision will be a part of an economic assistance package which the US will provide and is trying to be worked out immediately. President Obama has asked that the decision be made swiftly as assistance cannot be held up in this case.

“I want to make it clear: we do not want a confrontation,” Kerry said during his speech. He also said the US will be working closely with the International Monetary Fund to make this package of viable economic assistance for the war ravished capital. The final goal Kerry said is economic stability for Kiev and the entire nation of Ukraine.

Kerry also said the US is looking for a “de-escalation” to occur in this situation. He argued that it is something that must be handled with conversation and well-executed diplomacy. Recently, with Russia’s increased influence on the situation, many experts have been worried about the relationship between these two powers. Kerry said that Russia has every right to “defend its interests” in the Ukraine but he did add that the proper vehicle for action from Russia is through the special international organizations currently set up.

These organizations include the United Nations Security Council and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, among others, which are currently trying to restore peace and open dialog in the area. Kerry also said that if Russia is looking to help out the Russian speaking residents living in Ukraine the US would be willing to work alongside Russia in this project. However, Kerry added, Russia should also be working with the legitimate authorities in Ukraine for a successfully peaceful operation.

With Russia’s current policies toward the Ukraine in place there has been some sever criticism of their government’s ability to legitimately handle the situation. President Putin fired back at these pundits on Tuesday saying that western policies are not always legitimate either the only difference being he receives more scrutiny. Putin says that western countries say their actions have been totally legitimate in the past but that they must be “reminded about US actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.” He accuses the US of acting without UN approval and of having distorted the true meaning of some resolutions. He also added that he urges the observation of the international legal norms.

As tensions in the Ukraine continue to be discussed the US has made one of the bolder proclamations thus far, announcing a $1 billion dollar assistance package promised by John Kerry on Tuesday in Kiev as a show of support for the new government.

By Nick Manai

Voice of Russia
USA Today
Wall Street Journal

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