‘Believe’ a Child Shall Lead Them

Believe a  Child Shall Lead Them

Believe, brought to audiences from the man who gave the world Gravity, is about a gifted child who different people want for different reasons, in essence a child leads them and the only question is who shall win this tug-of-war over Bo. Alfonso Cuarón created this world with Mark Friedman and it is almost as captivating as his big screen space drama.

While there are no mega film stars in this television program it does include some very well known names from the world of Hollywood entertainment. Jake McLaughlin stars as Tate, a man rescued from a death sentence by the mysterious Winter, played by the brilliant Delroy Lindo and this week Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan joined the cast as a regular.

Lindo and his crew are the “good” guys, so far, and on his team is Jaime Chung and her resume is as impressive as anyone else’s on the show. The veritable “new kid” on the block of this fantasy/science fiction show is the girl with the boy’s name, Johnny Sequoyah. This young actress worked on a number of projects before Believe and despite a reluctance to compare, she could well be the next Dakota Fanning.

Without this girl the show would not work. She has the same presence as Fanning and can do that child/grown-up thing that Dakota did so well. The past tense is used as the older actress has moved into roles more her age; Fanning turned 20 this year. Sequoyah is ten years-old and the child of Russell Friedenberg and Heather Rae; she started working as an actress when she was eight.

Believe, which could have been called A Child Shall Lead Them centers around Bo Adams who is very special. She can do things with her mind and is more powerful than any of the other children who are being studied by an organization that Winter used to work for.

The pilot aired March 10th and in that episode Tate, who was about to be executed for something he did not do, was broken out of prison by Winter and his associates. Once out, he was told that he must watch over Bo Adams. A girl whose foster parents were murdered at the beginning of the show. Tate will never win a popularity contest as he can be abrasive and annoying, but Winter believes the man will watch over Bo better than anyone else.

The first show enabled the girl to show off some of her powers and it was revealed that Tate is her biological father. Winter knows this but Tate, does not. Last Sunday night’s episode, Beginner’s Luck started where previous week’s show ended. Both girl and man are on train heading for Pennsylvania. The FBI agent tasked with getting Bo back has been told to contact a man named Skouras – Kyle MacLaughlan – who turns out to be the opposite of Winter, he wants Bo back at any cost.

Skouras hires a mercenary to track Tate and Bo down and despite blowing up a gas station and beating Tate savagely, he fails at his mission. The FBI put out an AMBER Alert and the duo have to run and hide out.

In this episode of Believe, a child leads three separate groups in a desperate chase. One of them is Winter’s group; the FBI is another and the third is the shadowy group headed by Skouras. Shall the father and daughter continue to escape the bad guys? And when will Tate learn that Bo is his daughter? So far this show looks very good and the casting of Johnny Sequoyah was genius. This youngster makes the show work and the other actors work well with her. Believe is on NBC on Sundays at 9 p.m.

By Michael Smith