Big Bang Direct Evidence Finally Found!

Big bang

In what may come as a large blow to creationist’s concerns, direct evidence has finally been found for the Big Bang. The Big Bang, up until now, had been only theoretical, and it lacked tangible evidence. Now, however, scientists have discovered that there is evidence the universe began from a huge explosion that took place about 14 billion years ago.

The proof boils down to microwave radiation that’s been measured and how it interacts with gravitational waves. These gravitational waves are perhaps the most important part of the direct evidence found for the Big Bang. They were proposed by the Theory of Relativity but prior to now, scientists have never been able to prove they existed. The telescope that scientists used to find these waves has a name that is both complicated and clever: Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization, also known as “BICEP.”

Researchers have been able to find evidence that the gravitational waves leave a specific pattern or imprint on space. This is caused by the waves squeezing space-time as they pass. The waves have long been thought to have existed before now, but scientists felt as though they were looking for a “needle in a haystack.” Instead of a needle, they say, what has actually been discovered is “a crowbar.”

Direct evidence finally being found for the Big Bang is an extremely significant scientific discovery. Thus far, the words “Nobel Prize” have been uttered numerous times by those talking about what may be in store for the Harvard researchers who uncovered this massively important piece of information. Prior to this definite proof, gravitational waves were predicted using mathematics, and since 1916, scientists have believed they existed. Scientists came to this conclusion due to Newtown’s Theory of Relativity. Gravitational waves are said to have started within fractions of a second after the Big Bang occurred.

This finding is being compared in importance to the discovery of the Higgs Boson. That discovery won the scientists who found it the Nobel Prize, and some researchers are saying that this finding is much more exciting and important that the Higgs Boson. One scientist said he was “shocked” and that at first, he had a hard time believing what he was reading when he first heard the news. “I had to ask if it was real,” said scientist Marc Kamionkowski.

The direct evidence of the Big Bang finally being found is being called a “smoking gun” by many scientists and commenters. The story has already gone viral on social media, and is being spread very quickly on atheist and agnostic Facebook pages as well as other social media outlets dedicated to skepticism. Many are asking how this will influence the beliefs of creationists, if at all. However, given the history of creationism seeming to be at odds with science, many doubt that the news will have any influence on those who believe the earth was created 6,000 years ago. The scientific community, however, is very excited as this is one of most significant discoveries to have happened within the last ten years.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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  1. Brian Westley   March 17, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    “Newtown’s Theory of Relativity”

    Nice going, Einstein.

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