Bill Maher Calls God a ‘Psychotic Mass Murderer’ (Video)

Bill Maher

Bill Maher

On his most recent show, Bill Maher calls God a “psychotic mass murderer” and slams critics of the movie Noah. Maher said that the movie’s dissenters are upset because the movie is a “made-up story” that “doesn’t stay true to their made-up story” about God in the Old Testament of The Bible. Maher was referring to the story of Noah and the fact that the God of the Old Testament frequently kills thousands of people at a time. There are many examples of this in the Old Testament; yet, many people when confronted with this fact often deny it, saying God never killed anyone. Despite this denial, examples are easy to prove simply by quoting The Bible directly. For example, in 2 Chronicles 13:15-18, God causes the death of about half a million people by routing Israelites purposely to the hands of their slaughterers:

God delivered them into their hands…there were five hundred thousand casualties…

There are many, many examples in The Bible of God causing mass death on a huge scale, and it is estimated that God is responsible for the deaths of 25 million people when all of the instances in which he has a hand in mass slaughter are added up. However, God in the Old Testament doesn’t only cause mass slaughter via others by purposely manipulating the environment; he also kills people directly by his own hand. A famous instance of this is when God send a couple of bears to kill 42 children after the children make fun of a man for being bald. The preferred method of murder in this passage is mauling by bears. That example may be found in 2 Kings 2:23-24:

He cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty two children.

Bill Maher has tapped into these examples and others when he calls God a “psychotic mass murderer.” While this truth is freely available to anyone who is able to read the Bible, the examples are often met with much resistance and outrage when they are cited.

During the segment on Maher’s show, he also makes fun of the story of Noah in the Old Testament, calling it “floating giraffe crap.” He then goes on to explain that the story is fictional. Most modern scientists agree that the story of Noah is nothing more than a myth. In fact, researchers say there is not one shred of evidence that there was any great flood, a huge boat or two “kinds” of animals that got packed into a ship to procreate at a later time. Scientific evidence shows that all animals evolved over many millions of years, and that all living creatures evolved from a common ancestor which was a single-celled organism.

Maher not only calls God a “psychotic mass murderer,” he also points out that no one is happy with the movie Noah. Fundamentalist Christians say the film isn’t “historical” enough, while Muslims also denounce the movie due to it being contradictory to Islam. Maher says the one good thing the movie did was to unite two religions against it.

Maher calls God a “psychotic mass murderer” and evidence in black and white in The Bible supports this view. Besides the examples cited above, perhaps the biggest number of people killed by God was during the flood of Noah. During that flood, God killed everyone, and all things living on the earth via drowning, except for Noah, his family and the animals on the ark. While it makes many fundamentalist Christians very unhappy to be confronted with the actual information contained in The Bible, that does not change what is written in black and white. For more information on God’s murderous ways, read the Old Testament of The Bible. Watch the Maher segment below.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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  1. God(s) is a psychotic ellipsoidal delusion. If anything Bill is too nice. Religion is a psychosis. Sadly, the world has not yet matured to purge this weakness from our genetics. One day it will and those of the time will look back on all of us as barbaric crazy uncivilized humans, much as we do of our past.

  2. Bill,
    If only we could witness you when your standing before God and see you on a rant about Him. However I myself must be more concerned with my judgement then yours. I only pray that the desire you have to criticize religion is the deep feeling within to truly want to believe in God. Please don’t allow pride and fear to prevent your attitude toward God change.

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