Billionaire Six Steps to Cheat Death

BillionaireBillionaire Albilio Diniz from Brazil has a six step approach to cheat death. Diniz a supermarket mogul at the age of 77, has six-pack abs, a 41-year-old wife and both a 7 and 3-year-old child.

Having all of the money in the world unfortunately cannot buy you time on earth, so many of the wealthy have committed to find their own little fountain of youth. For Diniz it is in his simple six step approach. Diniz made his fortune in the grocery industry in Brazil where he currently resides, he built a supermarket that later became the biggest retailer in the country. Diniz did not always start out this way he lived a life of strife, stress and conflict citing road rage as one of his biggest stressors at one time. However, with years came about wisdom and ultimately a life change.

Diniz has four children from his first marriage all of whom are older than his current wife, and grandchildren that are older than his youngest kids. Diniz makes the distinction regarding his first and second marriages stating that during his first marriage he wasn’t doing anything special since everyone his age was having kids. However, having a young wife and kids at his current age he feels he is definitely doing something out of the ordinary.

Like other Billionaire’s before him Diniz hopes to use his power and money to cheat death but has six steps anyone can follow. Diniz has outlined his steps in a book titled, “Smart Choices for a Successful Life”. Diniz believes regardless of physical limitations that typically come with age he is gaining so much in wisdom and knowledge he has to believe he is eternal.

The Billionaire’s Six Steps to Cheat Death are:

Strenuous Exercise-Diniz had a workout routine of three hours a day, every day totaling five hours. He works out at his custom home gym under the instruction of Irineu Loturco, a director of an official Olympics training facility. Although Diniz has trimmed down his workout to two hours a day, every day he incorporates boxing, weights and running backwards on a treadmill in the dark as part of his work-out regime.

Eat Less, Burn More-Diniz limits his caloric intake which according to some research has proven effective in preventing cancer. Diniz restricts red meat and white flour, however will indulge when dining out or during celebrations.

Say No-Diniz believes in committing to only things that matter and you should always make time for yourself in between appointments.

Explore Inner Psyche- Diniz supports self-knowledge and has personally invested in psychotherapy since he was 29-years-old, the total cost of which exceeds the income of most Brazilian’s lifetime earnings.

Pray- Diniz combines both East and West when it comes to spirituality and meditates in front of a statue of Mary in his custom-built Catholic chapel on his estate.

Passion- Diniz is passionate about his life and love claiming to have loved every woman in his life intensely at one time.

Although the Billionaire’s six steps have yet to prove successful in actually cheating death Diniz is definitely a visual example of its potential, at 77 he boasts a six-pack, arms of steel and the energy of a 40-year-old.

By Debra Pittman





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  1. George Godin   March 23, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    Hello Debra!

    I do believe that we can really cheat death. Like Diniz, I think one way to cheat death is to do some strenuous exercise. It is much better to do some exercises at least 3 hours a day. Another way is to eat less and burn more. We should take into consideration that it is very important to limit our caloric intake.

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