Boeing Aircraft Flight 370 Mystery Widens

Boeing Aircraft Flight 370

For Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, a Boeing 777 jet, the mystery widens into its disappearance. The last words, “All right, good night,” were the final transmission from flight 370 as they flew from Malaysia airspace into the Vietnamese airspace. But, so far, they never made it to Beijing, their final destination.

Things are heating up on land though, as families of possible victims and the world watches; all are waiting for news and families are agitated at the not knowing, the mystery. Two hundred and thirty nine people are frankly missing from this earth with hardly any clues. The Boeing 777 has not left any evidence as authorities and the world come to help in a search and rescue. The plane vanished from radar and authorities continue speculation, as to what direction or where it went.

flight 370Investigators believe it may have gone off-course, but don’t know which way it went. The Captain is Zaherie Ahmad Shah of flight 370 Malaysian Airlines, which disappeared from radar early Saturday morning. Many people have loved ones aboard and wait anxiously for any word. They wait in Beijing, where the plane was destined to land at 6:05 am. It left Lumpur Saturday morning at 12:43 am.

Now, more than a 1,000 people are assisting in the effort, with planes and ships to find them. Ground control heard from the plane at 35,000 feet over the Gulf of Thailand, somewhere between two land areas, Malaysia and south Vietnam.

Experts are trying to determine and differentiate all theories, from how it could be undetected and whether the electrical system was turned off or knocked out, to the idea of did the plane suffer a catastrophic emergency, because it didn’t send out distress signals? Hijacking and/or a criminal take over by crew can not be ruled out either. Authorities have not ruled out the endless possibilities, including the mechanical failure, terrorism or pilot failure.

The Boeing 777 and Malaysia Airlines safety records are excellent.

Flight 370The armed forces chief of Malaysia, General Zielkifeli Mohammed Zin, told the press of a possible turn, made by the flight as they picked up a signal, but they can not confirm it. That is why they began to look west over at the Malacca Strait.The Malaysia air force chief, General Rodzali Daud, has denied the above statement about a turn. This back and forth leads some to believe the confusion is coming from different areas of government, and maybe they are withholding information. The defense minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, said they are transparent in this mystery, pertaining to the whereabouts of flight 370.

The search now covers 27,000 square miles and this is double to the initial search. Thus, the Boeing aircraft flight 370 from Malaysia Airlines and its mystery disappearance has investigators widening the search. This is troubling because usually a search narrows after clues surface.

Wednesday, the earlier confusion was clarified slightly, that the radar had picked up an unidentified plane in the straits of Malacca, but it is unclear if it was flight 370. Officials have now asked experts, from the United States Federal Aviation Authority and NTSB or National Transportation Safety Board, to assist in analyzing the radar data. Today the Prime Minister of Maylasia appealed to the public for patience in this tragic and mysterious event as a Boeing aircraft-jet 777  used for flight 370 remains lost.

By Kim Troike





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