Border Agent Suspected of Kidnapping and Sexual Assault Found Dead in Home

border agent

In Mission, Texas this morning, just above the US/Mexico border, FBI and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents followed the desperate pleas of two female illegal immigrants to the home of the border agent they accused of both kidnapping and violently raping them, where a third victim was found captive and injured and the suspected perpetrator was found dead. The FBI has since commandeered the case and has yet to identify the suspected CBP agent or his official cause of death. They believe the body was positively that of the man responsible, however, who local reports speculate may have killed himself. Whatever horror transpired, FBI are diligently on the scene of the grizzly crime, investigating why this border agent was found dead as well as what exactly happened to the three victims kidnapped and sexually assaulted inside his home last night.

The terrorized women consist of a mother, her fourteen-year-old daughter, and another girl the same age. All are lucky to be alive considering the coerced company they were recently in. After two of the women miraculously escaped late Wednesday evening, they somehow separated. One of them was soon picked up by the local CBP agents on their typical rounds. She quickly divulged her gruesome tale, prompting the agents to locate the second woman, who was found a short while later. With the first two victims safe and secure, and the FBI now also involved, the two agencies then traveled to the suspects premises together.

At 12:39 am, after arriving to find both the third woman and the deceased suspect, the FBI called the local police to help with their developing situation. An autopsy is underway to officially determine the border agent’s cause of death, although local newspaper, The McAllen Monitor, quoted officials as suggesting he shot himself in the head. A question on everyone’s mind is did he kill himself before or after the two woman’s escapes?  Hopefully, with thorough investigation, the FBI can piece together the bone-chilling account of the dead border agent suspected of kidnapping and sexually assaulting three woman looking to start a new life in the States.

Jenny Burke, spokeswoman for the CBP, has assured the press that her agency is doing everything in their power to assist the FBI in their troubling exploration. No statements have been made by the victims as of yet, and it seems unclear in what country they will remain once released from the hospital. FBI also neglected to speculate on whether or not this was something they thought the border agent had done before.

It seems the US/Mexico border is in some way or another always making headlines, and this time unfortunately, it is of a particularly grave and spine tingling nature. This case will presumably result in heightened security at the border and extensive background checks on future CBP employees, neither of which most would agree is a bad thing. Perhaps one day the kidnapped and sexually assaulted women will be able to discuss their traumatizing experience, thus revealing what really happened last night in the now dead suspected border agent’s South Texas home.

By Brandon Duringer



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