American Idol Results Show Elite 11 Become Top Ten March 13 (Review)

American Idol Results Show Elite 11 Become Top Ten (Review)

American Idol will be an hour long tonight, and one of the remaining Elite 11 will be voted off during this Results Show by your votes, America! The votes that you have given the competitors will result in the person who received the fewest votes getting sent home.

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, said that over 72 million votes were sent in by you, America. He said that tonight’s outcome may surprise a few people, whatever that’s supposed to mean. The Elite 11 will become the Top Ten by the end of the night. Ryan then introduced the three judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr., who will be singing later in this episode.

Ryan showed video of the 11 competitors riding in a limo after the episode of American Idol last night, and they commented on many things. Caleb wondered why Harry Connick, Jr., never “got his ass up off his seat,” like the other judges did to give standing ovations.

C.J., Caleb, and Dexter were called onstage by Ryan. They made up the first group of three he called up. Randy give his assessments, saying he thinks that “C.J. is safe.” Could be, but both Caleb and Dexter also gave great performances. Randy said he’d give Caleb a “10, 10, 10!”

Ryan: “Caleb, you are safe. That leaves C.J. and Dexter. You are both safe!” Wow! Usually, Ryan would have said that one of the performers was at risk of being sent home; but, not in this case. No one in this first group of three will be going home tonight.

After the first commercial break, the competitors did their best impersonations of Keith Urban. Some of them were pretty humorous. Then, Keith Urban and J-Lo introduced Harry Connick, Jr., who will be singing a medley of two of his hits songs, “Come By Me,” and “One Fine Thing.” The audience clapped along and screamed as he sang. They gave him a standing ovation as he finished.

Snarky Me: “Harry was good, except for when he started to sing too sharp.” Just kidding….

Then, American Idol went to another commercial break. Some people thought that Dexter might be a possibility to be the competitor to leave, but he’s safe; so, who will be the person who received the fewest votes, who will be sent home?

Back from the second commercial break of the night, American Idol showed some of the competitors imitate Harry Connick, Jr. Caleb did an AWESOME job of sounding very much like Harry — I LOL’d all over the place hearing him.

The guy who Harry picked up and cradled like a baby, Munfarid, was also on the show, and made an appearance. Harry picked him up again, and Munfarid sang again — talk about a bromance.

MK, Malaya, Majesty Rose and Ben Briley composed the next group Ryan called up onto the stage. Randy thought that MK gave a great performance, and said that “Ben may have confused people” by singing a song different from what he usually did, an Elton John song, “Bennie and the Jets.”

Next, the competitors did their best impersonations of Jennifer Lopez. Pretty funny stuff, though not as funny as the impersonations of Harry Connick, Jr., IMHO.

Randy liked Majesty Rose’s performance, and said that Malaya “is changing and blossoming” and that she’s “fearless.”

Ryan announced the results. “Malaya, you are, once again, safe.” Malaya yelled “Hot dog!” and ran off the stage.

MK was also announced as being safe. That left Ben and Majesty Rose. Both of them will be up for elimination tonight — one will perhaps be sent home by the end of the show. That was a shock to me — I didn’t think that either of them would be in danger of leaving tonight.

Then, Mali Music, who Jennifer wanted to bring on American Idol to perform, sang his song “Beautiful.” He did a great job — after that, we saw a sneak video clip of J-Lo singing her new song, “I Luh Ya, PaPi.” Luh? Really, J-Lo? It wasn’t a bad song, but still…. Luh?

Back on American Idol, Ryan mentioned again that Ben and Majesty were in danger of elimination. Then, he recapped the performances of Sam singing “Come Together,” which Randy liked; Jessica Meuse, singing “The Sound of Silence;” and Alex Preston, who sang a great song from an Indie movie; and Jena Irene’s performance. Of hers, Randy said that “I felt like a proud parent.”

“After the nationwide vote,” Ryan said, “Jessica, you are safe. Congratulations! Joining Jessica, Alex — you are safe. Congratulations! Sam, you and Jena are left. Jean, you are safe. Sam, you are in the Bottom Three tonight! Two of these three are safe; one of them will be singing for a ‘save.'”

American Idol went to another commercial break.

Ryan said that Sam Woolf is safe tonight. The last two, Ben and Majesty, were very close in the voting results. Majesty is safe, while Ben must sing for the “Save.” He chose to perform  “Stars” by Grace and the Nocturnals. The audience cheered and clapped as he sang — he gave a TERRIFIC performance, but will it be enough to save him? The audience gave him a standing ovation. The decision of the judges has to be unanimous for them to grant their one “Save.”

Keith: “We love your voice; we’ve loved it since day one. But, we haven’t seen the artistic growth that we wanted to see from you. So, we’re not going to use our ‘Save’ on you.”

After Ben Briley learned that he would be the one going home tonight, we were shown clips of highlights of Ben’s performances this season. Then, Ryan Seacrest mentioned that next week would have as its theme Billboard Top 200 Songs.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of American Idol? Who did you think would be eliminated, and were you surprised when Ben Briley was sent home? The three judges said that they didn’t see “growth” from him yet when he tried to sing a different sort of song last night, “Bennie and the Jets,” they complained that it was so different from what he’d previously sung that they weren’t sure “who the real Ben Briley was.”  Please leave your comments below, and watch American Idol with me next week, and come back here to read my Recap/Review of it!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. 樂尤哘   March 13, 2014 at 10:33 pm

    Sam should be the one going home, weeks ago! He “reads”, does not sing.


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