Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman and Aqib Talib in Feud About Best Corner

RevisFree agency is running amok in the NFL as teams sign new talent in hopes of shoring up their rosters and chances to win a Super Bowl championship. Two of the best cornerbacks in the league, Aqib Talib and Darrelle Revis, have been making headlines for signing with new teams, but Richard Sherman, the self-proclaimed best corner in the league, has taken to Twitter to let the world know about his current reign, sparking a feud.

RevisIt all started when New England Patriot, Talib, signed a contract for six years with the Denver Broncos worth $57 million dollars. Free-agent running back, LeGarrette Blount, who was Talib’s teammate in New England last season, posted a shout out on Twitter saying he was the best cornerback in the game. That awakened the sleeping Seahawk and Super Bowl Champion, Richard Sherman, from his off-season smack talk slumber.

“You’re the best corner in the league and it’s about time you got paid for it,” Blount tweeted, referencing Talib’s new contract. Sherman checked him quick, insinuating that Blount only thought that way because of their friendship, but Blount stuck to his assertion, writing, “He’s the best bruh. I’ve seen what he does to WR/TE in person and I’m sure you have too. Friendship aside he’s the best…” Sherman replied, “I’ve seen it …. And done it ….”

This started a Twitter war of dozens and dozens of tweets back and forth. Blount countered that Talib always covers the best receiver on the opponent’s team, while Sherman often matches up with the No. 2 receiver in Seattle’s tilts with other teams. Sherman said that was just an opinion and that Blount had “no numbers” to back up his claims. Blount only had to drop two names to answer Sherman – Star Dallas receiver Julio Jones and arguably the best tight end in the game, New Orlean’s Jimmy Graham – and followed that up with #STRAPPED, as Talib had success playing against those two studs last year.

Richard Sherman was done playing around at that point and finished the fight by dropping the championship bomb, writing, “Did that help y’all win the bowl or nah?” Game, set, match… as far as Twitter battles go anyway.

RevisWhile Sherman and Blount were flapping thumbs in a feud about Talib being the best NFL corner, Revis was receiving props from former Patriot all-pro, Ty Law, who said, “Darrelle is an upgrade. No disrespect to Aqib.” Revis will essentially replace Talib in the Pat’s defense and will make $12 million this year playing in New England. The Patriots also have an option to resign him for 2015 for $20 million. It’s clear he has top-tier value at corner, as he, Brady and Belichick have their eyes set on a ring.

“The Patriots were only a few pieces away from being a Super Bowl team again — now that you have Darrelle, hey, why not?” Law told USA today. If things stay the way they are, it looks like New England and Denver could very well play each other in a rematch for the AFC title. Of course, the draft is still upcoming and you never know how injuries will shake out in any given season, right Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola?

Cornerback has always been a vital position in terms of securing long term success for an NFL franchise, just ask the Detroit Lions, who have always been woefully inept at the position. While we’re firmly rooted in the NFL’s pass-first era, corners are to be more prized than ever. It’s easy to see from the amount of money being spent in free agency on Revis and Talib, as well as Sherman’s headline-stealing performance shutting down Michael Crabtree in the NFC championship last year, that the fact isn’t lost on GMs around the league. Who is the best is all speculation for now, and there’s plenty of time to feud until kickoff of the 2014 season, and for fans to see players like Revis, Talib, and Sherman making a lot of noise.

Commentary by Matt Stinson
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