Brad Bird to Return for Disney/Pixar’s ‘The Incredibles 2’

The Incredibles 2The Incredibles 2 is finally on its way. Walt Disney Pictures announced today that the wait for Pixar Animation Studios’ The Incredibles 2 is over as they are preparing to enter into the early stages of pre-production with the first film’s writer-director Brad Bird. Disney’s Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger stated to D23 Members and shareholders that the studio is beginning work on the sequel to the massively popular superhero adventure as well as third entry into the Cars franchise during an annual meeting held in Portland, Oregon.

In The Incredibles, superheroes walked the streets of Metroville, performing acts of great heroism and inspiring those around to follow their example. However following a string of lawsuits by disgruntled civilians they had helped lead to political and public outcry, “the Supers” are forced into retirement and government-funded anonymity. Bob Parr, secretly Mr. Incredible, and his wife Helen, also known as Elastigirl, were the greatest crime-fighting superheroes the city ever saw. Saving lives and battling evil on a daily basis. Several years later however, they have been forced into the suburbs to live a “normal life” with their super-powered children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

Eager to get back into the thrill of things, Bob’s opportunity arises when he receives a strange message beckoning him to a remote island for a highly secretive assignment. Mr. Incredible quickly learns that it will require the help of his entire family if they are to prevent the complete destruction of the world.

Written and directed by Brad Bird, The Incredibles was released in 2004. Disney announced that Brad Bird will return to work on the story for the highly anticipated The Incredibles 2 following completion of his latest film, Tomorrowland starring George Clooney. The science-fiction adventure is about an optimistic teenager and a former boy-genius inventor’s highly dangerous mission to uncover the secrets of a mysterious place known only as Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland will be Brad Bird’s second live action feature film after directing Tom Cruise’s super spy Ethan Hunt in 2011’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The filmmaker got his start in animation directing a couple of episodes of the Fox’s series The Simpsons. Brad Bird made his feature film debut with The Iron Giant in 1999. Bird has been nominated for four Academy awards in his career and won has twice taking home the Best Animated Feature Film Oscar, first in 2004 with The Incredibles and most recently in 2007 with Ratatouille. Brad Bird has often spoken about the possibility of a sequel to The Incredibles and said if he found the right story that he would certainly return to make The Incredibles 2 for Disney/Pixar.

The announcement that Disney and Pixar are in the early stages of preparing The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 is long-awaited for fans of both massively successful franchises. The Incredibles opened to over seventy million back in November of 2004 and went on to a worldwide gross of over $630 million. With Brad Bird returning to continue the tale of the family Parr, The Incredibles 2 is sure to be even more successful after all the years of eager anticipation.

By Benjamin Murray


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