Brandon Howard Is Not My Son


Brandon Howard not being Michael Jackson’s son is almost a parody of the deceased pop singers award-winning song Billie Jean. While Billie Jean was exclaimed as being Jackson’s lover, Howard is reportedly not his son. The story began when Howard, 31, allegedly made claims that he was Jackson’s son, stating the existence of DNA extracted from an old dental impression device previously auctioned by the dentist who treated the ‘King of Pop’. To make this story more complicated, Brandon Howard’s mother, Miki Howard, who was a singer with a couple of hit songs in the late 80’s and 90’s, and a long time friend of the Jackson family had “Billie” as a nickname. Giving more credence and debate over Jackson’s old song lyric, “Billie Jean is not my lover. She’s just a girl who claims that I am the one. But the kid is not my son.”

Howard appeared on a documentary for FilmOn TV, owned by Aiki David, a media entrepreneur that also has ties with Coca-Cola and Dish Networks. FilmOn had requested a DNA sample from Howard during the filming of the documentary and reportedly had tested this sample against the previously mentioned Jackson dental impression. While Howard has stated publicly he did not give them permission to test for his DNA, other reports argue the validity of this claim, stating the counter intuitive argument of giving a sample if Howard had no intent to let FilmOn test said sample. The reports that followed from various media channels only made the situation more complicated.

TMZ reported that the company used to generate the results does not exist and also reported that the results were a fake generated with images pulled from the film Terminator Salvation. The discovery occurred after David appeared in a press conference announcing the DNA match between Howard and Jackson. David stated at the conference that Jackson had a 99.9999% chance of being Howard’s father. A percentage number that would hold up in any court for any purposes of evidence. Continuing to complicate the reports, Howard was not present at the press conference, and has stated to the media to not have anything to do with the test, that he does not want anything from the Jackson estate. Contrary to the original headlines that Howard alleged to being Jackson’s son.

An old interview from 2011 where multiple comments about his extremely uncanny resemblance and singing voice to Jackson was continually brushed off by Howard had the headline,

“Will Miki Howard’s Son Ever Escape the Michael Jackson Comparisons?”

While all the reports continue to conflict, the consensus among the media is that the DNA test is a complete forgery. Who perpetrated the publicity stunt is still yet unknown. Whether Howard was a participant for headlines, or if David masterminded the entire botched press conference, is still a mystery. What can continue to fuel speculation is that Jackson still has a 31-year-old music video message emphatically stating that Brandon Howard is not his son. Whether the song is specifically speaking about Miki Howard, who went by Billie in those days, is also still alleged and yet unproven. As Miki Howard has reportedly refused to comment on the situation.

Watching Howard’s video, Dance Floor, the eerily close comparisons to Jackson are arguably inseparable, from his sound, to his dance moves, even the theatrics of his performance. Considering Jackson’s early work as a rising mega-star; the resemblance is uncanny if not, alleged to be, perfectly choreographed with the intention of being identical. While the DNA report, as it exists, has been stated to be a complete and utter fake, in the highest possible insulting caliber of botched forgeries. The media’s divided, considering this report as false, but public opinion toward the possible validity of Howard truly being the son of the King of Pop is high regardless if it is not likely.

By Emanuel F. Camacho


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