California Couple Received Voter Registration Card Premarked Democrat

californiaGovernment programs have a reputation and history for being used by politicians as a means to buy voters and receive some extra love come election time. It seems that this tried-and-true method of campaigning is getting a little more bold, as a couple in California discovered after they received a voter-registration card in the mail that was already premarked for the Democratic Party. The card was sent out by Covered California, the state health-insurance exchange that is responsible for rolling out Obamacare to its citizens. It seems a bit strange that a healthcare reform bill shoved through Congress by Democrats has state exchanges mailing out voter-registration cards that just happen to be marked for the Democratic Party. Perhaps it is a one-time incident, just a fluke in the system.

The couple who received the card called a local news outlet after being concerned about receiving a letter from Covered California and discovering the card was premarked. The La Mesa couple have lived in their community for years and have always been registered as Republicans, which is what sent up a red flag about this card already being marked for the Democratic Party. The husband stated that he feels sending these cards out is a huge waste of money, since the majority of people they are sent out to are already registered to vote. The big question is why Obamacare health exchanges are sending out voter-registration cards in the first place. This is a result of various voter-rights groups who have threatened Covered California with legal action if they do not send out the cards. Some of the interest is likely tied to the fact that the Covered California database has over four million enrollees. That is a lot of potential Democratic voters who could show support for Progressive Democrats that have provided them with higher premiums, less benefits, and buggy websites by donating votes in the next election.

The folks over at Covered California are claiming ignorance of the whole deal, passing the buck along to the Secretary of State’s office. This is protocol for the government when they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Sending people on a wild goose chase for answers until they become frustrated and simply give up. It seems clear that Democrats see their thinly-veiled attempt at gaining control over health care not as a means to help people have affordable insurance, but to create an illusion that gains votes and allows them to retain power. It could be a coincidence; a freak accident could be behind why this California couple received a voter registration card premarked Democrat. Some low-level employee might have made a mistake or thought they were pulling off a hilarious prank. That could have happened, but this is the government, and sneaky devilry like this is well within a politician’s playbook.

It will be interesting to see if any more incidents like this one pop up over the next few months as midterm election time draws near. Politicians of both parties will stoop to lows that are unheard of by any man or woman with even a slight hint of morality to buy votes from constituents or to apply some type of pressure to the voting process to help things swing more solidly in their favor. Thankfully, this couple in California was not silent about the premarked card they received, which helps hold government, both Democrat and Republican, accountable for their actions.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

ABC News
Chicago-Sun Times

3 Responses to "California Couple Received Voter Registration Card Premarked Democrat"

  1. Cara   April 1, 2014 at 9:47 am

    What a crock. Rethugs stop at nothing to look foolish.

  2. Timmie!   April 1, 2014 at 1:25 am

    Why are they sending them out? Motor Voter Act. That same law that lets you register to vote when you go to the DMV also requires that you be allowed to register to vote when you sign up for government benefits… like say, Medicaid for example.

    Now ask yourself why Republican governors are so dead-set against expanding Medicaid in their states when there’s the potential for hundreds of thousands of low income citizens suddenly having a voter registration card dropped in their laps… Let’s see… who do low income people traditionally tend to vote for?

    • adf fdfa   April 1, 2014 at 4:26 am

      Low income, low information people usually vote for the free handouts.. I mean Democommie.

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