Capcom and Twitch Partner up for Street Fighter Pro Tour [Video]

capcom and Twitch reveal street fighter pro tour

Do you have the skills to battle with the best? Capcom is calling all Street Fighter players for their upcoming year-long pro tour. Capcom has recently announced their official team up with Twitch for a rare opportunity to expand the fighting game community by creating a Capcom Cup tournament for the best Street Fighter players.

Such a move from Capcom is really quite bold. Having fans love games is nothing new, but having a gaming company actively participate to create a year-long fighting tournament league is something new and extraordinary. Until now, Twitch has been the blood in the fighting game community, without their help the scene would be noticeably smaller. As such, it makes sense that Twitch would jump on the opportunity to team up with Capcom to further the development of the fight game community.

Matt Dahlgren, Capcom Senior Product Manger was interviewed about Capcom’s involvement in the competitive gaming community and was excited to help the community. He explained that the community was driven by passion, something they do not want to prohibit, but instead add to. “Our goal is to forge partnerships with existing organizers that will be mutually beneficial.” Such a goal would surely benefit the community because they have the drive to keep the fighting game scene alive but not necessarily the locations or tournament organization necessary. Capcom’s added help will cover the more technical aspects when getting tournaments together and the fighting game community will bring the hype!

This year-long pro tour doesn’t intend to ignore currently standing premier fighting tournaments such as EVO, instead the pro tour will add their own potential to the mix. With EVO for instance Capcom will not stream tournament matches, but only pool matches. In terms of hiring for this opportunity Capcom will be grabbing individuals from the fighting game community as well as working with existing streamer teams such as Spooky for the best coverage.

Capcom will bringing the pro tour to existing events such as E3 and PAX which may or may not be a good idea due to the amount of people already attending such events. Unfortunately, it looks like no other Capcom games will be included in the pro tour (sorry Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3). The tour will begin with Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition ver. 2012 and then switch to Ultra Street Fighter IV when it becomes available in June.

Capcom and Twitch team up for Street fighter tournament series

In December, 16 players will participate in the grand finals for the Capcom Cup. Ten of these spots belong to winners of tournaments that will take place over the year. Seven of these ten tournaments are already existing tournaments such as NorCal Regionals, The Fall Classic, EVO, and others. The remaining three spots will likely belong to winners of unannounced tournaments in the pro tour. As for the remaining six spots, they belong to the players with the most points awarded throughout the pro tour. Tournaments not apart of the main circuit may still join the Capcom Cup ranking by emailing Capcom at


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