Castle The Greater Good: Wall Street Can Be Murder (Review)

Castle The Greater Good: Wall Street Can Be Murder (Review)
Monday night’s episode of Castle, titled The Greater Good looked to be a homage to The Wolf of Wall Street but as this is Castle, or Caskett as many are wont to call it, in this case it was about money but it also proved that wall street can be murder. Literally. Viewers also got to find out about Captain Gates’ sister, who is a power player in the city’s political arena and a number one “hottie,” to boot. Not to diss good old Gates here, she too fills the “hottie” bill even if she does prefer to be called sir…

In this episode, Rick and Beckett are tying to figure out just who they should invite to their wedding, which Castle wants to have on a roller coaster ride, and this “cute” theme runs through the entire episode, like most of their relationship issues, so nothing new here. It should be noted, however, that these two are still capable of those “awwww” moments, like their one page, one word answer at the end of the show. The specifics of which will not be mentioned as that would a spoiler of the worst sort.

The murder of the week features a well dressed, and very dead, man laying in his bed on his back. His shirt has been opened to the neck beginning at the waist and a woman is taking a picture of his motionless, bloody body. The recently murdered victim was a wall street broker who worked for a man and a company, that resemble Jordan Belfort from the Scorsese film and in Castle this week The Greater Good proves that wall street can be murder, especially if you’re working for the DA.

After questioning the dead man’s boss at the brokerage company, Beckett and Rick learn that he was a “nice guy” very unlike Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street. Kudos to the writers who worked it into the script for Rick to make the reference to the film. Things become complicated for Kate, Castle, Ryan, Esposito, and Captain Gates when a mysterious woman, whom CCTV captured calling 911 to report the dead guy in the room, shows up with Gate’s sis who was using the victim to “get to the head of the brokerage firm.”

A moment to contemplate here; in the plot of the DA, the dead guy and the killer, the female suspect pictured at the pay phone brought up a certain degree of surprise. In this modern day and age of the cell phone – or mobile if you live in the U.K.- it is amazing that pay phones still exist, let alone work as part of a plot device in a murder mystery.

With the usual red herrings, twists and surprise turns, The Greater Good on Monday’s Castle did much more than prove that wall street can be murder, and that one should not use a pay phone to call 911 after killing anyone, they proved that the formula on the show still works. Rick and Kate’s romance still pleases and amuses, despite the nay-sayers who predicted doom for the show when the two got engaged. The show is also working to give everyone in the main cast their very own backstory. Since this appears to be the case, it would be nice to see Captain Gates’ sister again. Just saying…

By Michael Smith