Chelsea Handler: Most Memorable Moments

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is ready to say goodbye to her late night talk show on E! Network. The comedian hosted Chelsea Lately for almost seven years. As one of those rare comedians who takes a controversial approach to humor.  Many special guests  have appeared on Handler’s show over the years, highlights of special guest appearances include Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, actress Cameron Diaz, and fellow television star Sharon Osbourne. To commemorate Handler’s television show and published novels, here is a list of her most memorable moments and why these moments matter.

Handler first appeared in the web series called In The Motherhood which co-starred actresses Jenny McCarthy and Leah Remini. She played the fictional role of Heather, a mother who tries to navigate the perils of motherhood. Although she only starred in ten episodes, when the series was picked up by ABC, she decided not to sign up for the series as she already had obligations for her late night show. Her character was as likeable and memorable as the actress is in real life.

Another one of Chelsea Handler’s most memorable moments includes the time she cried on television. The comedian opened up in an interview with journalist legend Katie Couric, she talked about losing her mother and the death of her brother. She lost her brother at the age of ten in a hiking accident. She explained, “To see your father wake up crying and cry in front of people all the time about his first son being dead, to see that you’re like…’Stop it you’re supposed to protect us’ so I think in my way I just got this really tough exterior. Because I’m like ‘OK I gotta get my act together because these two people are kinda falling apart.”

Handler also discussed the pains of losing her mother. She mentioned how her father had a hard time accepting the loss of his wife. She also explained how her mother told her to help her father through the process. She added that death of loved ones is not something you just recover from.

Another big moment for Handler is when she started writing a monthly column for women’s lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan. As one of the few female comedians in Hollywood, Handler has become popular with teens and millennial women. Her column offered a fresh take on advice with her usual candid sense of humor. She also had a column for British celebrity rag mag NOW.

Perhaps one of Chelsea Handler’s most memorable moments was when one of her best-selling books Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea was turned into a sitcom for NBC called Are You There, Chelsea? Though Handler didn’t take the lead role in the show (that went to Orange Is The New Black star Laura Prepon), she did play the recurring role of Sloane Bradley. Sadly, the show was on air for a brief period before NBC put a kibosh on it. The fact Chelsea  Handler’s book garnered enough attention for a television series speaks volumes.

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