China Attacked by Terrorists Leaving 28 Dead

In China, on Saturday, there was a violent attack by a terrorist group leaving 28 dead and 113 people injured. The attack was at a train station in Kunming where a gang of attackers, wielding knives, started slashing and stabbing the commuters.

The official paper of the country, the Xinhua News Agency, had not yet reported who was responsible for the attack which occurred late in the evening at a train station in a region of southwestern China. The brutal and vicious attack happened in the province of Yunnan at Kunming Railway Station and was “an organized, premeditated violent terrorist attack.” said police authorities.

The violent invasion is being taken very seriously by police. People’s Daily, a Communist Party paper, reported that Meng Jianzhu, one of the countries leading police officials, was on route to Kunming to assess the situation.

The murderous raid happened at a curious time, just days before the annual meeting of the nominal legislation. The assembly is to have the government of President Xi Jinping distribute its first one-year work report.

While police had several suspects in custody, the authorities continued to investigate others at the railway station. One on-the-scene reporter for Xinhua noted that the chaotic scene included medical emergency personnel and firefighters tending to victims and hurrying the injured to hospital.

The Xinhua disclosed that the attack by terrorists at China’s train station, leaving 28 dead and 113 injured, also left 5 of the assailants lifeless after being shot by police authorities at the scene.

Around midnight, Kunming’s No.1 People’s Hospital became so overrun with bodies and injured that the total number of casualties was impossible to count as doctors and medical personnel rushed to treat the rising number of wounded victims.  One surviving victim, a resident of Yunnan province, Yang Haifei, was treated for stab wounds to the back and chest. The innocent man told Xinhua that he was at Kunming Station buying a ticket when suddenly a group of people dressed in black and with masks, rushed inside and started attacking people.

“I saw a person come straight at me, ” Yang said to Xinhua, “and I ran away with everyone.” Yang said that it was the slower people who ended up getting the worst in the incursion. “They just fell on the ground.” said Yang.

Another witness, Yang Ziqing, was crying outside the station when Xinhua reporters approached. Ziqing said the attack happened while waiting for a train to Shanghai.  A man, yielding a large knife, started slashing wildly at the people waiting. “My two town-fellows’ husbands have been rushed to hospital but I can’t find my husband,” Ziqing wailed, adding, “and his phone went unanswered.”

It didn’t take long for gruesome, bloody pictures to circulate on the internet via Sina Weibo, an app similar to Twitter. Others pleaded for people to stop spreading the macabre photos in fear of causing panic and maybe encourage the terrorists to attack again.

On its official Sina Weibo site, The Security Management Bureau of The Ministry of Public Security said the episode was a “severe violent crime.” It added that the killing of innocent people is unkind and unjust no matter what the reason the murderers had. It continued, “The police will crack down the crimes in accordance with the law without any tolerance. May the dead rest in peace.”

Another victim, student Wang Dinggeng, told Beijing News the attackers consisted of both men and women that pulled out knives, once hidden under clothes, and just started slashing at people.  Dinggeng said, “There were still many people lined up to buy tickets, and people outside came pouring in saying, ‘Murder!'”

The terrorist attack, which left 28 dead and 113 injured, happened around 9 P.M at one of China’s largest train stations. There is still no word on the terrorists identities or what motives the gang had for the brutal and bloody raid.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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