Chris Brown: Bipolar Disorder and PTSD Diagnosis

BrownOver the last couple of years Chris Brown has exemplified a history of aggression. Recently sources from the rehab facility that Chris Brown has been staying at have reported that Chris Brown’s behavior is the result of his recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder combined with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Brown, who has been on probation since 2009 for his felony assault against Rihanna, was sent to the rehab facility as a result of having thrown a rock through his mother’s car window. In addition, sources from Brown’s rehabilitation facility have reported that Brown’s behavior is also a result of the artist being extremely sleep deprived.

In a letter Chris Brown and his recent diagnosis of both bipolar disorder and PTSD, Brown’s rehab facility stated, “Chris Brown’s physical acts of aggression are the result of his untreated mental disorder, his being severely sleep deprived, improper attempt of self-medicating, and as a result of his PTSD. It is quite common for those suffering from both bipolar disorder and PTSD to self-medicate to find balance in their unstable moods.” The letter then went on to say, ” To ensure that the condition of Chris Brown’s bipolar disorder remains stable he will be required to be under strict supervision by his acting physician.”

In conformity with the National Institute of Mental Health definition of bipolar disorder, bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that is  distinguished by its radical mood changes, energy-levels, and capability of handling day-to day routines.  Bipolar disorder is a genetic disorder that generally develops in individuals before the age of twenty-five, and which can be treated by a combination of therapy and mood stabilizers.

After discussing Chris Brown’s recent bipolar disorder and PTSD diagnosis, the letter then went on to commend Brown for his positive attitude in carrying out his stipulated community services. According to the letter, Brown wakes up every morning at 5 a.m. to begin working on the twenty-four hours of community service work that is required of him each week. According to the letter, “Our clinic has operated with countless young individuals over the course of a decade, and we have all agreed that Chris Brown is exemplary regarding the community service obligations bestowed upon him.”

Also speaking on the matter was Brown’s probation officer who commented, “Chris Brown has stated that he appreciates the lessons that he has learned while at the rehabilitation facility, and that in doing so it has allowed for him to have a life changing experience that has changed the artist for the better. In addition, Brown has shown his gratitude towards the court, and the opportunity to discover more about himself that will allow him to set a better example. Brown has also stated that the wished to carry out his community service, and to stay away from trouble.”

Despite the artist’s positive behavior, the court has ordered that Brown is to remain in rehab for an additional two months. However, Brown’s lawyer seemed relatively positive regarding his client’s progress, which was evident in his comment, “Overall the judge is happy with Brown’s behavior, and we are hoping that it remains constant. As of now he is healthy, happy, and doing spectacular.”

By Aaron Weis


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