Chris Brown Suffers PTSD And Bipolar Disorder

According to the latest reports confirmed by a rehab facility, popular singer Chris Brown, 24, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder. The rehab center tells that both disorders have increased aggression in the singer over the years. At the rehab, Chris is under physicians’ care and supervision that monitors the mental condition of his bipolar ailment.

The rehab facility reports that the patients with PTSD and bipolar have a history of self medicating substance drugs to treat their traumatic conditions. Brown turned physically violent and aggressive because of his unstable mental condition. The untreated and undiagnosed bipolar, PTSD, self medication and insomnia, all amplified his mental instability. The rehab also tells that the singer responded successfully to the treatment for his ailments. He has been very active in the public service. At the rehab, the doctors diagnosed that Chris Brown suffers PTSD and bipolar disorder.

On this Friday, February 28, 2014, Chris appeared at the L.A. Superior Court for hearing of assault case filed in 2009 involving Rihanna. Chris and Rihanna were a couple long ago, and the assault occurred in 2009.  Additionally, singer also threw a brick from car’s window and ended up assaulting a gentleman in Washington D.C.  At the court hearing, Judge James Brandlin ordered Chris to stay at the rehab for additional two months. Moreover, the singer enrolled three months ago at the rehab facility for drug and anger management problems. In the hearing, the representatives of the rehab showed the documents to the judge. The singer finished his 250 hours of community service and still has around 750 hours left. He has a probation violation court hearing coming up on April 23.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar disorder can be genetically inherited, it starts before 25, and it can be treated medically with mood stabilizer medicines. Additionally, PTSD occurs in the patient because of nightmares, anxiety, uncontainable thoughts, distressing events, and flashbacks. The Mayo Clinic explains that these ailments can be treated with behavioral therapy, medications, and psychotherapy. The patient must go through proper diagnose and then an immediate treatment is very crucial.

According to the reports, Brown has confronted difficulties in the past, in 2007, the singer said; he wanted to murder his stepfather, who thrashed his mother regularly. The past events and thoughts haunt people who have severe insomnia and bipolar disorders.

The rehab representatives told in the court hearing that Brown is making great progress in handling stress, anger, and drugs. However, Judge’s decision disappointed the singer. He expressed his feelings in a tweet on Friday. The strategies of behavioral management and relaxation exercises are helping Chris in controlling his impulsive activity. Singer’s lawyer said he looks improved in his physical appearance. The letters by the rehab tell that Brown’s insomnia has been treated now.

Furthermore, the singer explained to the probation officer that he acknowledges what he is obtaining at the rehab center. The learning has assisted him in transforming his life, and he wants to refrain from any further trouble. The singer has been working three days a week to accomplish his service hours, and if he continues to show improvement, his hours will end by October 2014.  Thus it is then, in October, the court will decide on whether Chris should be freed or needs further rehab assistance. The rehab letters show that Chris Brown suffers from PTSD and bipolar disorder, and at the rehab he is receiving treatment.

By Iqra Amjad

The State Column
Huffington Post

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  1. Nicole   March 2, 2014 at 10:26 am

    I’m glad Chris is in rehab to treat his illnesses so that he can learn proper ways to treat it, and to live a healthy life for years to come. God is with him and He will take care of him. From the comments I read on social media, there are a lot of uneducated individuals who do not understand the seriousness of mental illness and the effect it can have on the one suffering from it and the people around him/her.

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