Chris Pine in Drink Driving Charge

PineHollywood actor Chris Pine found fame through his portrayal of Captain James T Kirk in the latest Star Trek reboot films, but has he taken the role of alcoholic bad boy Kirk too far? Pine was pulled over on a drunk driving charge during a routine police stop in New Zealand on Saturday. The actor was reportedly celebrating at the wrap party of his latest film Z for Zachariah in a pub in the town of Methven in the lower South Island. The party also included other Hollywood heavyweights; star of Wolf of Wall Street Margot Robbie and Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Canterbury police in the area confirmed they had arrested the 33-year-old after he was found driving with a high blood alcohol level, for which he will appear in the Ashburton District Court on Monday. Filming is said to have been done in the area of Washpen Falls, near Windwhistle, not far from the city of Christchurch.

Casey Crawford, manager of the Blue Pub in Methven where the actor was partying confirmed that there were over 70 actors, crew members and volunteers celebrating the end of filming on the 28 of February. The party was said to have ended around three a.m. on Saturday morning. Pine allegedly spent most of the time at the party with his girlfriend supermodel Iris Bjork Johannesdottir, who had flown in that day to see him. Pine was drinking tap beer, whilst his girlfriend drank white wine.

Crawford closed the pub to hold the party. He described Chris Pine as “cruisy” and “well-spoken.” The actor took time out to take photos with the staff, which Crawford displayed as evidence to show that he did not appear intoxicated when he departed from the pub. He stated that Pine seemed fine when he left, and he was surprised to learn that he had been charged with drunk driving. However, he was also surprised to hear that the actor was driving at all, as the pub had designated drivers assigned for the night. Once outside the bar, Pine even posed for additional photos with locals before taking off. Crawford said he probably simply wished to spend time with his girlfriend. Crawford said he had through the night was very successful, and really well controlled.

New Zealand recently lowered the level at which a person is deemed intoxicated from 80 mg to 50 mg per 100 ml of blood. This puts an average female over the limit after three to five beers, rather than four to six, as it was previously. Drunk driving is a major cause of death to New Zealanders, as it is often combined with a lack of street lights and many bends in the roads. Drivers who test positive on the lower end of the scale will receive a $200 fine and a loss of 50 demerit points, whilst those over 80 mg and above would face criminal charges. This could mean Chris Pine is a little out-of-pocket or facing harsher consequences. Local residents of the area of Banks Peninsula, where most of the filming for Z for Zachariah took place described Pine as friendly and at ease.

By Sara Watson


NZ Herald

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