Facebook: Black Market for Vital Organs

facebookFacebook has turned into a black market for everything ranging from guns to vital organs, although Zuckerberg’s company worked with the National Health Service a couple of years ago to allow people to register as a donor through the social media platform. In some countries, people can even share their organ donor status on profiles, but what it actually means is that the Facebook community will find out whether people have decided to donate their organs when they do not need them anymore or not. However, the campaign has nothing to do with the harsh reality which occurs these days in the United Kingdom, where people take the risks of being imprisoned just to obtain easy money.

A Sunday Post investigation reveals that people in the United Kingdom have chosen to transform Facebook into a black market for vital organs, especially for kidneys, which are for sale for £20,000 or £30,000. The journalist who carried out the investigation proved that finding a group on which people sell their organs is not hard and there are plenty of people who want to buy, but even more who wish to sell. Advertising organs for sale is illegal, both in the United Kingdom and in the United States, and in many more other countries, but some are ready to risk their freedom and life for extra money.

The journalist from the Sunday Post placed an advert on a Facebook page which is only used for selling and buying organs. He posted a message stating that his sister immediately needs a transplant and, within a week, he received 11 offers from people all over the world, desperate to sell their kidneys and make some easy money.

However, donors from Britain who wish to sell their kidneys should also have a passport, because, as it seems, they would need to travel abroad in order to avoid the checks made by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA.)

The reason why Facebook has turned into a black market for vital organs is poverty, the common denominator of all those who answered the journalist’s request. One 22-year-old dad living in Northampton is ready to offer his kidney for £20,000 in order to take his pregnant fiancée back to their native Hungary and a self-employed dad, who offered details like blood type and state of health was ready to accept £30,000. Other people who were willing to risk their freedom and life came from Tanzania, Mexico and India.

In 2012, the World Health Organization revealed the fact that 10,000 black market operations which involve organs take place on a yearly basis, but the Facebook experiment came as a shock. Luc Noel, special advisor based in Switzerland, told the Sunday Post that the experiment proves “the vulnerability of some people and the power of easy money.”

Facebook has become a black market not only for vital organs, but also for firearms. According to Special Agent Helen Dunkel from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the agency knows that this kind of platforms are used not only to keep in touch with friends, but also to sell firearms.

Although Facebook is not the only tool and people also use Twitter and Instagram when they wish to purchase or sell something on the black market, the former has reportedly become the unofficial black market for both vital organs and firearms.

By Gabriela Motroc


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