Chromosome Design Unethical?

chromosomeChromosome design is the new breakthrough in science, making the geneticists able to design living things and to reproduce correctly. Though it looks cool, chromosome design is unethical in a way that nature is being tricked on and thrown off-balance through modifying organisms.

In an article for CNN, scientists believe that their recent laboratory experiment will take it as far as being able to design any living things in the future. The experiment was injecting an artificially designed chromosome in a cell of yeast, and the result was remarkable – the genetically modified cell reproduced itself. CNN went onto explaining that the humans and the yeast have a similar DNA. The Northern Voices Online wrote that the team of researchers deserves a Nobel Prize. However, when these things are being examined in a deeper manner, does it mean that one day humans will be artificially designed?

There was a recent uproar everywhere around the world about the genetically modified food. Although Monsanto has published numerous articles explaining that genetically modified organisms have no harm to the environment, it involves chromosome design in unethical way – the genome can be changed for one fruit or vegetable and turn it into something else. According to the Non-GMO Project, most nations do not believe that GMOs are safe, and are banning it from use. In the US 80 percent of the food is GMO, and people who have tried organic food usually say that it has a better taste than the genetically modified one.

While it might be a good idea to understand how to design a living organism for the purpose of education, it can be also used for destruction. When that happens, nature tries to catch up with the wrong ways of using of energy and heal itself. In a recent article for the Wired, a worm that was supposed to be killed while trying to eat the GMO corn. However, it actually proved to be resistant. Entomologist Elson Shells of Cornell University said that the resistance was caused due to the ignorance of planting the refuge. Shields said that now no matter what they do, the insect would find its way to win.

The same idea applies to the unethical chromosome design for animals, humans and all other living things. It might be an interesting dream to design the dinosaurs, but there is a good reason why they are not living anymore. The UK has voted that it would be allowed to have genetically modified babies from as many as three parents, as Daily Mail reports. The researchers are trying to appeal this to the mothers by modifying the mitochondrial DNA who can pass genes of deceases such as blindness, epilepsy, and other medical problems.

Currently, there are no answers on how nature will adopt to the fact that scientists want to modify life on Earth. It is left for everyone to watch and see what is going to happen, and what will be the lesson. Chromosome design is unethical in so many ways, shapes and forms. However, nature doesn’t get angry with people doing it. It will simply heal itself by sending messages.

By Marija Makeska

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