Clippers Slaughter the Lakers by 48 Points


The Lost Angeles Clippers battled the Los Angeles Lakers, and it turned out to be a historic night for The Clippers franchise and fans. The Clippers slaughtered the Lakers by 48-points, it was the highest deficient in franchise history. However it did not begin that way. At the first tip of the ball until about 8 minutes in it was a competition. The two teams were seamlessly going point for point. However, somewhere along the way The Lakers lost touch of their game. In the very moment they lost there’s The Clippers picked it up. It was lights out shooting from Chris Paul, Darren Collins, and Matt Barnes the three had a combined total of 54- points in the game. Griffin played this game like a pick up game taking alley-ops, jump shots and the occasional pass. All-and-all this team had there way with the former champs. Most people called this game in the second quarter when it was 73-40.

Watching these teams go at it was like watching varsity play Pop Warner. The talent on the The Clippers team prove to be and unfair advantage. It was literally half of the Western Conference All-Star team against some rookies, and the numbers reflected that.

In the 1st Quarter everything was evenly matched for the most part with a 29 – 27 Clippers lead. The Clippers did most of there damage in the paint averaging (7-9) scoring. The Lakers did a little bit of everything with Pau Gasol taking the multitude of the shot with (3-9) shooting. At the end of this quarter Pau did most of the work for The Lakers, while Clippers played team ball.

The 2nd quarter is when the game begins to slip away from the Lakers. The quarter started off slow with fouls, rebounds, and misses until 11:10 in the game when Willie Green hit a 27ft three pointer. That increased The Clippers lead to 32 – 27, and they gained momentum. Then eventually Robert Sacre was able to end the Laker drought with a quick duce off the assist from Farmar. However, The Lakers could not keep the pace they eventually went score less from (9:12 – 6:03). That is over four minutes without a single point, and it continued that way. Clippers walked away with a 73-40 lead.

The 3rd quarter was just a slaughter against The Lakers. They may not have been at 48-points yet, but they got there late in the 3rd. The Clippers dominated this quarter so, much that the commentators were begging to leave. At one point in the game they stop commentating and had some unrelated small talk. However, Blake woke everyone up with a thunderous dunk that put the nail in the coffin. He rammed it in off the assists from CP3. In a way that was sort of his redemption for the technical foul he picked up earlier on Farmar. The game at this point is already over with a 49- point lead at 109 – 60. Doc Rivers found it to be beneficial to rest all his starters for the remainder of the game.

The 4th quarter was just practice The Clippers had all the starters resting, and so did the Lakers. It was understood by all parties involved this game was a wrap. When the last horn sounded history was made, and hearts were broken. The score was 142 – 94. It was the worst regular season loss in Laker history.

Overall, Blake Griffin and Pau Gasol were the high scorers of the night, Blake had 20- points and Pau had 21-points.

The problem The Lakers had and will continue to have is a consistent roster. There is only one quality starter playing, and the rest are either hurt or not present. This is a team that went from consecutive championships, to back-to-back disappointments. There record is (21 – 41) placing them at the 15 spot in the west. The Lakers can only dream of a championship at this point. According to, what Marv said they are shooting marbles. They could have only hoped for an assist from Clif Paul.

The Los Angeles Clippers slaughtered big brother tonight by 48-points. That is more than likely what the headline will read in the LA Times. This used to be Lake town, but that has quickly changed over three seasons. The Clippers are (43 – 20) making their push for home court in the playoff. They are currently second to OKC.

This is a young team with promise; in fact Charles Barkley insist The Clippers are the best in the west. Who can disagree with there greatness at this point? It has been proven night in and night out; consecutive 40-point deficits, key players averaging double figures, dominance in the post, and a strong bench. It is not much folks can do but sit back, and watch The Clipps bully their way to the top.


Commentary By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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