CNN Employees Arrested for Breaking Into the World Trade Center


The World Trade Center has been receiving some high-profile headlines lately as a series of people have been caught sneaking onto the grounds of the two new buildings. On Tuesday, two men working for CNN were caught sneaking onto the grounds by New York Police, allegedly trying to report on the story of the multiple break-ins. In an odd bit of gonzo journalism that Hunter S. Thompson would be proud of, the two have effectively written themselves into their own story.

The cases that drew the two CNN employees to the World Trade Center involve a 16-year-old girl and four young men. The girl, who hails from Weehawken, was charged with trespassing after sneaking through a hole in the fence at the site and making her way all the way up to the top of 1 World Trade Center.

The other incident occurred last fall, but just this past week four men were arrested who snuck onto the grounds so that they could all climb to the top and then three of them could base jump from the site. The electrifying footage from that jump, which is enough to make anyone afraid of heights, has also been released this week. Apparently the men have been under investigation since that night when police did see two men land near the Goldman Sachs building in Manhattan. The video shows one member convincing himself to go through with the jump and then follows another member as he jumps and falls amongst the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Allegedly reporting on these stories were the two CNN employees who have been identified as Yon Pomrenze and Connor Fieldman Boals. Pomrenze is 35 years old and from New York while Boal is 26 and from Brooklyn. Apparently they repeatedly tried to break into the site on Tuesday according to the Port Authority. The Port Authority also said that the men first tried going through a gate but were stopped by a police officer. One of the men was spotted climbing a fence twice before the two were finally arrested after trying to push a gate open. The teen and the skydivers both broke in at night and were not initially confronted by cops, but the two CNN employees broke in during the middle of the afternoon.

Joe Pentangelo, a spokesman for the Port Authority, said that the men told police officers that if a 16-year-old was allowed to see the site, then they should also be able to. In an email sent to Reuters, CNN has said the two men were asked to do a story on the recent break-ins but were not actually instructed to break into the grounds. They are being charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing a government administration and, of course, trespassing. The two men had a GoPro video camera and a tripod when arrested.

No word from CNN yet as to whether the men will be fired or suspended. These two CNN employees that were arrested adds to the growing number of headlines be generated by trespassing at the site of the new World Trade Centers.

By Nick Manai


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