Colbert Wants Homosexuals to Prove Orientation to Tea Party Congressman


While Tea Party Congressman Steve King is likely happy that he had a forum on Iowa’s WHO-TV for his anti-gay views, he is probably wishing that he had flown under the radar of The Colbert Report.  Stephen Colbert is taking the congressman to task and asking that all those who identify as being homosexual and in love send evidence of their sexual orientation to King.

As King revealed that he thought homosexuality was really “self-professed behavior,” he added that it was also behavior that could not be “independently verified.”  Colbert, of course, saw an opportunity to help the congressman verify the homosexuality that does indeed exist, and encouraged his viewing audience – which hovers around the one million mark for each new broadcast on Comedy Central – to send photographic evidence that they are gay to King’s office.

It is likely one of the boldest moves by a comedian who has become known for his politically minded show.  King said in an interview this past weekend that he believes that there are many homosexual people out there who are really posing as such in order to entrap a business for discriminatory practices.  He suggested that there are those who would essentially lure businesses into treating them with prejudice and then sue them for discriminatory behavior.

Colbert is now urging homosexuals to prove their orientation to the Tea Party congressman in any way they see fit, though he suggested that photos or video might be the best way to have the congressman “independently verify” that homosexuality exists.

The congressman’s Washington, DC address was given, and although the congressman’s office was contacted to see if there had been some response to Colbert’s suggestion that evidence of individuals’ homosexuality be sent to King’s office, there was no response from his media representative.

This is not the first time that Colbert has had the Tea Party congressman in his crosshairs, and King appears less than fond of the comedian as well.  Colbert went after King in April 2012 after the congressman appeared to defend dogfighting.  When Colbert testified in front of Congress, King chastised the comedian, saying that Colbert disparaged American workers during the process.

Regardless of this duo’s love-hate relationship, it would appear that Colbert may be giving King’s office a run for its money in suggesting that “evidence” of individuals’ homosexuality be sent to the congressman’s office.  Whether video, photos or other types of evidence is sent to King’s office, the office is sure to receive varied responses.

Colbert is making a bold move in suggesting that homosexuals send “evidence” of their sexual orientation to the Tea Party congressman’s office.  Not only will the congressman receive a wide range of responses, Colbert will likely see a spike in his viewership as he takes on the congressman for his interpretation of what sexual orientation really is.  Colbert has generally enjoyed a wide range of support from his viewers for his take on the political affairs of the day, and it’s a virtual lock that in taking on this congressman, Colbert will gain new fans in the LGBT community.

By Christina St-Jean


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  1. Borderhawk   March 11, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Good work on researching the feud between Steve King and Colbert. A lot of people would agree Steve King won the immigration debate he had with Colbert. He made Colbert look like he hated working people.


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