Comcast and Apple Possibly Working Together


Enter: Comcast, cable giant that has just purchased Time Warner, effectively making it the largest cable and internet providing company around today. Enter: Apple, technologically forward computer and software company world-renowned for its incredibly innovative technology. When these two corporate behemoths decide to focus their creative lenses on a possible collaborative project, who knows what may unfold? The prospective idea of Comcast and Apple possibly working together on something may seem intriguing to many. Many speculate that these two companies could be working on something that has to do with a form of television, or perhaps what television’s future holds.

It’s no secret that with the rise of streaming media, paid television subscription went down in 2013. Services like Netflix, Hulu, and regular television networks offering their programming for  free streaming on their own websites have rendered a paid cable service obsolete, especially for those who for whatever reason would prefer internet over television (read: post-graduates moving out). Comcast, a cable service provider has likely gone to Apple in anticipation of paid television programming eventually becoming a thing of the past, and is likely willing to work together with them to possibly bring the world a new form of television. Apple has much to gain from this, seeing as Comcast is an enormous company, and can likely give Apple a limitless amount of resources to work with when searching for ways to introduce a new innovation.

If Apple has the creative juices left within itself to introduce an entirely new device, it could end up being just as life-changing as the introduction of the iPhone. However, should Apple fall short of what the public knows they are well capable of, Apple users will likely be given some sort of media streaming service for their current and future Apple devices. However the possibility of Apple and Comcast working together seems like too great of a combination to not be working on some sort of new hardware for Apple users and Comcast subscribers to use. Essentially, with the amount of money, resources and minds between the two companies, the public is bound to get something. With streaming media on the rise, it is highly likely that this something will be focused on just that.

The prospect of a television device or service as ground-breaking as the iPhone is incredibly thought-provoking, but it can also be just a little bit scary. Considering that Comcast is the largest cable provider today, and Apple’s gadgets and devices having the tendency to gain rapid popularity, as well as the endangerment of net neutrality there is a possibility of some sort of mono-television forming. Such a thing could put a company like Netflix on thin ice, in the face of the two tech giants. Whatever it is that Comcast and Apple plan on achieving by working together, the possibilities seem infinite, but the nature of the two companies suggests something that impacts the way that television is distributed, watched, and thought about. Apple’s track record proves that it is more than capable of vastly impacting technological improvements, but only time will tell if it will perform on television.

Opinion by Michael Foster


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