Craigslist Killer Admits Two Got Away

craigslist killerCraigslist Killer Miranda Barbour revealed in a recent interview from jail that prior to the November 2013 murder of Troy La Ferrara she attempted to kill twice before, but the two men got away. Unfortunately for La Ferrara he kept his date.

Barbour was arrested in December of the same year after confessing to the murder with the help of her husband, Elytte Barbour. Barbour, 19 at the time had conjured a plan to meet men online using Craigslist under the guise of companionship all with the intention of killing them. Barbour stated prior to killing La Ferrara she had arranged to meet two other men, however they failed to show. Barbour admitted to stabbing La Ferrara and wants credit for not only being the Craigslist killer but a member involved in a satanic cult killing more than 20 other people before being caught.

Barbour had met La Ferrara in a parking lot where they were supposed to drive to another location; however her husband was lying in the backseat waiting for Barbour’s signal. When
Barbour gave him the signal he jumped up and strangled La Ferrara and Barbour proceeded to stab him over 20 times. Barbour initially stated she acted in self-defense, however later confessed to committing the unprovoked murder. Barbour has been given the moniker the Craigslist Killer by the media because of her tactics of using the internet to lure her victims, however the one she wants to give herself is that of serial killer.

Police doubt the validity of Barbour’s claim that she was part of a satanic cult and had killed more than 20 people. Barbour states she killed her victims while living in Florida, Alaska and North Carolina. While authorities initially looked into her claims there was no evidence to support it as local police in those states have reported no unsolved homicides. Barbour is adamant in her serial killer claim stating she dismembered the bodies and strewn them across highways and oceans. Barbour does not seem to be satisfied with just the title of Craigslist killer she wants to be known for something more sinister.

Although Barbour, the Craigslist killer admitted two previous failed attempts but the men got away, there is no evidence supporting that claim either. The only thing that is sure about Barbour is the fact that she is the Craigslist Killers dad Sonny Dean also discredits her claim of serial killer status and states his daughter was addicted to heroin and was a compulsive liar. Dean rejects all her notions of grandeur and sociopathic behavior and claims drugs and lies are all to blame.

Dean stated he tried his best to give his daughter a good childhood however Barbour was unruly and ran away from home as a teenager and at some point became addicted to drugs. It was during this addiction she spun out of control and her manipulative and lying behavior began. Barbour may or may not be a sociopath but she does like to boast about her actions and while some claims are unfounded she will pay with her life for the death of La Ferrara. Barbour was sentenced to death and will most likely always be known as the Craigslist Killer who admitted she who would have killed three, but two got away.

By Debra Pittman


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