‘Crisis’: Kidnapped Children Not Enough?

A bus filled with the children of highly influential and powerful parents gets hijacked in Crisis, a new action/thriller on NBC. With a solid story line that twists and turns and a strong cast, which includes big names like Dermot Mulroney and Gillian Anderson, Crisis promised to be a big success.

How are the ratings doing for Crisis and is the new TV series doomed? The one thing that comes along with loving a new television series is the stress of wondering if everyone else loves it as well. If the big wigs don’t see the ratings the networks want or expect, that new TV series gets booted and with absolutely no regard for the fans that tuned in religiously. In the world of television, ratings is king. The debut episode had a total of 6.5 million viewers and was the second highest viewed show in that time-slot. That viewing number dropped 21 percent and the episode which aired last night had only a total of 4.32 viewers. That is not promising for the fans, who in most likelihood, will get to see all 13 episodes this season. If the viewers are going to be able to tune in next year to watch Crisis is yet to be seen but if the numbers keep dropping, that likelihood seems dismal at best.

Dermot Mulroney plays Francis Gibson who, in the first episode, is a wimpy father who cannot seem to control Gibson’s hot-tempered daughter. By episode two, the viewers think that Mulroney’s character is going to try to be the hero to save Gibson’s daughter from the clutches of the evil kidnappers. The truth is that Gibson is actually the mastermind behind the entire caper.

Gillian Anderson, best known for the actresses role in the hit series The X-Files, returns to television completely reinvented. Though the actress has never stopped working in movies and television, it is refreshing to see Anderson back in a series, albeit one most likely to fizzle out. Anderson plays the mother of one of the kidnapped children, Meg Fitch, in Crisis and is one of the first parents to get instructions on what the mother must do to get Fitch’s abducted daughter back. One of the mysteries is that even though Fitch followed the instructions, the mother’s daughter was not returned. Obviously the kidnappers have more plans for the filthy rich mother. The twists in the plot continues when the viewers find out that the F.B.I. agent on the case, played by Rachael Taylor, is Fitch’s little sister. The dark secret the sisters share is that Fitch’s “daughter” is really the daughter of Taylor’s character.

With the ratings being scrutinized by the network, even the cast can feel the tension in the air over the ratings downward spiral. “There is definitely a feeling in the air of insecurity and wanting things to work.” Anderson said, “You can feel that on the set.” Unless Crisis can find a way to raise the ratings it looks like the series plot of kidnapping children is not enough to stop the slow drop off in the viewing numbers. Something to keep in mind for all the invested viewers out there that are already hooked on the addictive TV show.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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