Cuddle Up but No Sex Allowed [Video]

Cuddle Up but No Sex AllowedTouch and cuddle, but no sex allowed, this is strictly a business transaction. Based on the basic need for human touch, a special, loving woman has a lot to offer and is making some nice cash along the way. By helping others fulfill the needs that may be lacking, Samantha Hess of Portland, Oregon runs her business with strict, defined rules. She offers others the human touch they may be lacking in their life, by cuddling with strangers, but sex is not allowed.

The need for human touch is necessary in order to thrive and to survive. It starts at birth with a mother’s simple touch upon her newborn and can make a real difference in the future of the child. The bonding that is formed can make or break the structure of an individual’s life, feeling fulfilled or always yearning for more. A prime example of this has been in recent news with TLC’s The Little Couple adopting their daughter, Zoey from India.

Raised in an orphanage from birth, Zoey was not used to being hugged or touched lovingly. Once adopted by Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, the toddler had a most difficult time adjusting to warm embraces and closeness of her new family. Happily, things are much better now, as she has come to understand what she was missing.

Sadly, many people go through their lives without the closeness they need and crave. Due to lack of marriage, friendships or other issues that hinder companionship, their basic need for the human touch has been ignored. It is not always about sex, it is the desire for a human touch. Samantha Hess, age 29, was keen on that infraction and set out to help others while creating a unique business of her own.

A happy, fun-loving person, comfortable in her own life, Hess developed the art of cuddling with strangers. She offers her services with restrictions and rules, but provides a safe way to get close and feel the human touch. The business, Cuddle Up To Me, is doing well as clients are required to meet ahead of time and discuss their wants and desires with the full knowledge that sex will not take place. It is simply away to meet someone’s need for the human touch and has also become a nice way to fill Hess’s wallet.

She has secured safety measures for her own good and makes sure she gets paid upfront. Charging $35 per half hour and $60 per hour, she also has overnight cuddle sessions available for $500. Cuddle, touch and talk is all included, but if sex is desired, she will leave. So far no incidents have occurred with her many loyal customers of all ages. It is just a cuddle session with no sex, so male or female clients of all ages are accepted.

The need for attention, acceptance and appreciation spans the masses from children to spouses. The approval and loving reassurance may be all that is really needed to go on with everyday life. As massage therapists have worked wonders, it is totally different from what Hess offers. Quiet time and togetherness seems to be of a healing nature with just a caress, stroke, rubbing the back or a pat on the head. Holding each other close for an hour or more sustains an inner yearning we all desire.

Loneliness can be a silent killer among humans, as well as with animals. The touch and cuddle of each other, even with friendly hugs and handshakes can say so much. People in comas also need to be touched and spoken to as healing is encouraged, just as many churches deliver the laying of hands in order to embrace healing powers. Cuddle up but no sex allowed seems to be working well in Hess’s life and she embraces her business and has written a book entitled The Power of Human Connection.

Hess has displayed an openness in humanity and a willingness to help others by her rare, but thriving business. There seems to be a need for her services as many cry out for just a cuddle or a special touch. In a perfect world, paying for love should not have to happen. The facts are in though, as we all need love, affection and cuddle time, free or with a fee. No strings attached for sex or sign-ups, just the closeness we all need to survive.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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