Manage Heart Disease and Anger With Yoga

Manage Heart Disease and Anger With Yoga Recent studies into psychological health, heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac function have demonstrated an ability to manage both heart disease and anger with yoga. Heart failure continues to be a major health burden around the world despite recent advances in prescription medicines and device therapy. The need for controlled studies to find effective complimentary therapies for the treatment of this specific combination of physical and psychological symptoms has led a number of researchers to turn to the mind-body technique of yoga.

One of the most common alternative therapies across medical literature, the benefits of yoga are well studied. The combination of gentle exercise, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation provide an unmatched therapeutic effect for combating a number of physical and psychological diseases. Yoga has already demonstrated a variety of beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, including improvement in lipid profiles and lowering blood pressure. However, due to certain limitations of previous studies the results offered little definitive information for heart disease patients.

In the 2014 study conducted by the Jawaharlal Institute of Prostgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIMPER), researchers intended to examine the effects of yoga therapy using controls and a protocol which was consistent in intensity and duration to produce results that could be more easily analyzed and compared on measurable cardiovascular terms. The study focused on heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate variability, and myocardial oxygen consumption.

The study found that a 12 week yoga therapy protocol significantly reduced heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and myocardial oxygen consumption. This conclusion demonstrates the ability of a yoga practice to improve parasympathetic activity, reduce the load on a patient’s heart, and significantly reduce the risk of heart failure. When considered along with new information on the physical of effects of stress, yoga appears to have a unique potential to manage both anger and heart disease.

A recent news release from the European Society of Cardiology made headlines across major health news outlets with a statement connecting outbursts of anger to heart attacks and strokes. The news release highlights a recent study published in the European Heart Journal which concluded that an individual’s risk of heart attack or acute coronary syndrome is dramatically elevated during the two hours immediately after they have an outburst of anger.

More to the benefits of yoga, in a separate study published in the end of 2013 on the effects of yoga on psychological health in older adults, researchers found the yoga participants showed great improvements in anger level. The randomized controlled trial in North Florida facilities for older adults utilized the State Anger Experssion Inventory, and found the yoga participants showed greater improvements in anger over the control participants as well as the group assigned to other forms of exercise.

Though not widely reported in connection to the recent news, there are a number of new studies and clinical trials, which demonstrate the ability to improve these health concerns naturally. Both heart disease and anger have shown improvement with yoga therapy when used to manage the related physical and psychological symptoms.

By Mimi Mudd

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