Losing Weight: Inspiration From Recent Celebrity Transformations

Losing Weight

Many celebrities have been determined to drop the pounds for a total body transformation whether for personal reasons or to fit a role in a new movie. No matter what their reason the fact is that celebrities have always taken extreme measures for losing weight so why not get some inspiration from all of the recent celebrity transformations.

For all those out there who are constantly bombarded with stories of celebrities who shed as many pounds as they do dollars on fancy things, it’s time to quit wondering how the celebs do it so easy when the average person fails to lose even a pound. It seems that there is no miracle diet or workout. In fact, celebs seem to do ordinary things.

Britney Spears wears a sweat suit while jogging. Last week a photo was snapped of Britney jogging wearing a shiny silver suit. This picture spawned many comments about Britney’s mission into space. But this shiny metallic suit was actually a sweat suit that Britney supposedly throws on every time she exercises. Many fitness centers and department stores with fitness aisles sell this shiny suit which is meant to create a thermal reaction inside the suit that causes the wearer to “sweat off the pounds”.

Jessica Simpson claims to have done weight watchers. Television and internet viewers can see many ads wear Simpson claims to have used Weight Watchers to shed off her post-baby weight. An article seen on E! News about Simpson’s weight loss as fitness experts discuss the before and after photos. Let’s just say if Simpson really used Weight Watchers to drop all of those pounds it is definitely worth the money. Weight Watchers centers are in major cities and in some smaller areas. Members pay a fee and follow suggested diet plans with helpful recipes and even fast food suggestions for those meals on the go.

Miley Cyrus does Pilates to stay in shape, according to E! News. A trainer was seen on a video posted on the news site showing viewers how to do Pilates in the right way for the best results. While the video can provide some great tips, many other gyms also offer equipment for doing this exercise in any local area.

While some stars take their time in creating the perfect body other stars take weight loss to the extreme. Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Matthew McConaughey crash dieted for their upcoming movie roles. According to reports the two, as well as many other celebrities, simply starved themselves to fit into their roles better. Wahlberg whose crash diet was more recent, said that kind of diet took a lot of restraint to do and that he certainly struggled with it. “My daughter was eating this blueberry scone…I was going to jack her for it. I was literally going to rob my almost 4-year-old daughter for her little blueberry muffin.”

But for some people losing weight is not as easy and some celebrities have to undergo a different type of transformation (with help from doctors), but can still be inspiring for others who cannot lose weight, despite recent efforts. According to the news, Lisa Limpanelli, Star Jones, Sharon Osbourne and other stars have endured surgery in order to fix weight issues. While surgery is an effective option, doctors say that surgery is not for everyone.

Tons of inspiration can be taken from the stars whose lives are watched every day. Though if these examples are not enough to peak inspiration, one of the biggest celebrity transformations, recently, was  Rachel Frederickson, whose recent dedication to losing weight won the title of the Biggest Loser. Count on the contestant of a television show that is focused on helping its competitors to lose weight, to pull through with a large number of pounds lost. When Rachel started on the show she weighed 260 pounds but ended with a weight of just 105. This, of course, sparked much controversy as many contestants and viewers, alike, stated that she cheated and lost “too much weight”. The Biggest Loser contestants go through extreme workouts and complete meal changes to spark fast, but healthy weight loss. The Biggest Loser has a website for anyone who wishes to lose weight by using the same tactics as the contestants on the show. Website viewers can also sign up for a chance to be the next contestant on the show!

Every day news and media readers can see the latest weight loss trend and a large amount of stories about the famous people who lost a ton of weight. While these news stories can often be discouraging for “regular people” who have tried everything, the truth is that behind the flash of the media celebrities are only doing the same things that everyone else is trying.

Using the recent success stories from celebrities as inspiration (without getting carried away) can help the average Joe to make a weight loss transformation of their own. Many options are out there for anyone who is hoping to be losing weight quickly. Getting inspiration from the celebrities might just help a person get started!

By Crystal Boulware

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