The Voice The Battles Premiere Part 2 (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Battles Premiere Part 2 (Review & Videos

The second round of The Battles begins tonight on The Voice (NBC). There were awesome performances last night during the first round, and there are sure to be even more tonight. Who will lose, who will win, and which competitors will be stolen by the other judges? Read on to find out!

Carson Daly, host of The Voice, said that tonight, 12 more artists will “hit the stage.” They, also, will have to face each other in head-to-head sing-offs, with the loser either having to go home or, if they are lucky, they will be “saved” by one of the other judges and become members of their teams.

Clarissa Serna, who sang “Zombies’ by the Cranberries for her audition, will go head-to-head against her fellow teammate Jeremy Briggs on Team Shakira. They will sing “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner.

Shakira said “‘Someday you’ll pay'”– that’s the strongest line.” She added that it was important to “be confident.” They rehearsed with mentor, Miranda Lambert. Towards the end of the rehearsals, their voices were really starting to complement each other very well. The Voice went to the first commercial break of the evening, so we’ll have to wait until it ends to hear how ell they do, and who will win the first Battle of the night.

Clarissa began the song. Jeremy joined in singing the line about “You never take advice.” His voice is pretty powerful, but Clarissa’s voice equaled his. They put on a fantastic performance to open up The Voice!

Adam: “That was a really strong ending! I’d probably have to go with Clarissa.”

Blake: “You were singing in the same key as Clarissa! My God! Still, I’d probably have to go with Clarissa.”

Usher liked them both, but gave the win to Jeremy.

Shakira said the way their voices complemented each other made it hard for her to decide, but she ended up picking Clarissa. Carson reminded the judges that Jeremy was available for a steal — sadly, none of the judges used a steal on him, though.

Back from the commercial break, Carson said that Adam enlisted Aloe Blacc to be the mentor for his team members. Adam’s first Battle pair will be  Caleb Elder and Delvin  Choice. Aloe dropped the name of “Dr. Dre,” and  said that the song was the pair would be singing was about him. Aloe said that “the beauty is in the simplicity of the song.” They will be singing “The Man,” one of Aloe’s own songs.

At the final rehearsal, Aloe said he felt a bit disappointed, because the pair didn’t seem to know all of the words yet. But, then they began to sing better and better as the final rehearsal went on. We’ll get to hear them battle after another commercial break on The Voice.

Caleb said he quit his job at the donut shop and quit school to have this chance. It’s going to be a great battle!

Caleb began singing the song. Delvin came in strong, though, and they both did a great job. Delvin sang deeper, and perhaps more soulfully; but, Caleb’s voice complemented Delvin’s well.

Blake: “You both had a lot of problems. Caleb, you had more, and opened the door for Delvin to get the win.”

Usher: “I think Adam wanted to push both of you with his song selection.”

Shakira: “I feel you guys were given a Herculean task. I like deeper voices, so I’d go with Delvin.”

Adam: “I’m very proud of both of you guys. The song was a difficult one. I’m beyond proud, and you both showed me major improvements. The winner of this battle is — Delvin.”

Carson said that Caleb was “available to steal” but none of the judges pushed their buttons to steal Caleb.

We didn’t get to hear the next match-up from Team Blake, of  Megan Ruger and Ria Eaton, but Megan Ruger won.

The same goes for Team Shakira’s team members  Lindsay Pagano and Ddendyl. Shakira chose Ddendyl as the winner.

Also we didn’t get to hear two team members from Team Usher face off, and  Brothers Walker and Morgan Wallen. The winner of the battle was Morgan. I would really have liked to have seen at least one of these battles, but we were only shown them as a montage.

Usher’s next Battle will be one pairing his team members Brittnee Camella and Melissa Jimeniz. They meet with Usher and their team mentor, Jill Scott. Usher chose the song  “Give It to Me Right,” by Melanie Fiona, for them to sing.

Jill told Melissa that she needed to take her mask off and be more vulnerable.

At the final rehearsal, Brittnee and Melissa showed definite improvement. Usher told Brittnee she needed to hit a certain note “with precision.” He said that this battle has “evened itself out completely.” We won’t get to hear them battle until after yet another commercial break on The Voice.

Carson introduced Brittnee Camella and Melissa Jimenez to the audience. Melissa started it off, but Brittnee showed off her tremendous vocal range, also. They seemed to be pretty evenly match, and from previews, I know that whoever is the loser is going to get stolen by one of the other judges.

They both got a standing ovation!

Shakira: “I thought it was awesome! It was Monkey Hot!” I think she said that, anyway, but I might be wrong.

Adam: “It’s crazy how well you hit that high note at the end!”

Blake: “Throughout the entire performance, I was leaning on Brittnee. But, that note at the end– that you hit, Melissa — that won you the battle.”

Usher said he regretted putting them both on the stage because he wanted to “keep both of you.” He chose Melissa as the winner, and said that their battle was “epic.”

Carson reminded the judges that Brittnee was available to steal, and Adam and Shakira both hit their buttons to steal her!

Shakira: “I’m your girl. I understand female pop singers, because I am one of them.”

Adam reminded Brittnee that he had won The Voice before, so she should go with him. Brittnee apparently was swayed by Adam’s words, and possibly that  he had been named the Sexiest Man there was by People, so she decided to go with Team Adam!

Next week, the competition and steals on The Voice will heat up the stage and make it hotter than ever, from the looks of the preview. This episode of The Voice was only an hour long, but it had some of the best head-to-head battles yet.

If I was forced to choose which two of The Battles in tonight’s episode of The Voice that I liked the best, I would select Brittnee and Melissa’s performance and probably Clarissa Serna and Jeremy Briggs’ song which opened this episode, “Cold as Ice.” That’s because I really like Foreigner and got to see them perform in concert during their “Double Vision” tour. Which did you think were the best performances of the night on The Voice? Please leave your opinions/comments below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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