Delta Airlines Wing Panel Goes Missing During Flight

Delta Airlines
It is something that no passenger ever wants to see during a flight but on Sunday it is exactly what a passenger saw when looking out of the airplane window. Somewhere during a Delta airlines flight between Orlando, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia a panel section of the airplane’s wing had broken off exposing all the planes wiring and internal mechanics. The Delta airlines plane had an emergency landing and according to the Daily Mail, there were no injuries reported.

The Delta airlines craft in question was a Boeing 747 with a total of 179 passengers on board plus 6 crew members. Though the reason as to why the panel came off during the flight is still under investigation, Delta said that the crew responded professionally and by the book. The pilots were immediately informed and traffic control was alerted of the emergency situation. The plane then landed safely at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

“Crew members aboard Flight 2412,” said Anthony Black, a Delta spokesman, “reported an access panel had come off the plane’s wing while in flight.” Black confirmed that the aircraft is being inspected to determine what had caused the panel to give way and has no information on how old the aircraft in question is. Though Black said that the missing panel in no way affected the planes capabilities to fly, the pilot declared an emergency and landed the plane safely at around  7:30 p.m. local time.

The flight left from Orlando at approximately 5:30 p.m. and sometime afterwards passengers and crew members said there was a noise. After investigating, it was discovered that a somewhat rectangular metal panel was missing off the top of one wingspan. In no time passengers were taking pictures and posting them on Twitter.

It remains unknown exactly how long into the flight that the panel broke off from the rest of the wing. Immediately upon landing safely the plane was towed from the runway to a gate where the passengers were able to leave the airplane. The wing panel went missing during the Delta airlines flight and resulted in a safe landing and unharmed passengers, however, there are many incidents involving Boeing 747 crafts that did not turn out so beneficial to the passengers.

Air India Flight 855 took off from Bombay on January 1, 1978 and not very long afterwards began to roll over the Arabian Sea and never regained control. There were 213 people on board and when the plane went down off the coast of Bandra, there were no survivors. The cause was reported to be “irrational control inputs by the captain” which had stopped the crew from regaining control of the aircraft.

Japan Airlines Flight 123 experienced control problems and strange vibrations before plummeting 17,900 feet crashing into Osutaka Ridge. The problems began just twelve minutes into the flight and within 32 minutes 520 passengers were dead from the devastating explosion. Miraculously four passengers survived the crash listing it as the deadliest single-aircraft disaster to date.

TWA Flight 800 was headed from New York to Rome, carrying 230 passengers when the aircraft exploded over the Atlantic Ocean in 1996. Investigation of the cause which took four years to complete concluded that the crash occurred after an explosion in the fuel tank probably caused by a short-circuit. Conspiracy theorists believe that the commercial flight was taken down by a military U.S. missile and to this day is being covered up by the U.S. government.

Delta Airlines flight 2412 landed safely in Atlanta after passengers noticed a piece of the wings panel went missing during the flight. In the history of Boeing 747 crashes and mishaps, passengers of this flight are grateful to be alive to tell the tale.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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  1. Daryl-Atlanta   March 18, 2014 at 8:09 am

    The aircraft in question was a Boeing 757-200 and not a Boeing 747 as the article reports.


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