Demi Moore, the Third Wheel in Mila Kunis’ Pregnancy


Demi Moore became obsolete after her divorce with Ashton Kutcher was finalized in November last year, but now that the new broke about Mila Kunis’ pregnancy, sources stated that the Ghost star is the third wheel of the happy couple. Sources say that Moore is devastated because Kutcher did not call her to give her a heads up about his fiancée’s pregnancy, especially since the mother of three tried hard to have a baby with her ex-husband.

While Ashton Kutcher is celebrating Mila Kunis’ pregnancy, Demi Moore, his ex-wife who could barely get over their divorce became the third wheel that everybody forgot about. According to Star, Moore was “fragile” and “heartbroken” when the Two and a Half Men star decided to move forward with his plans with the TED actress and start a family with her, but the pregnancy news “could be a major emotional set back for her,” according to a source. The same person also talked about Moore’s feelings regarding Kunis and how she convinced Kutcher to have a baby, especially since “Ashton and Demi were never on the same page about starting a family.”

Demi Moore is reportedly devastated that Kutcher’s fiancée is pregnant and recalls all the trouble they went through as a couple. According to an unnamed friend of the actress, she wished Kutcher had told her the news before going public, so that she could have fled the town.

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Before news broke about Mila Kunis’ pregnancy and Demi Moore became the third wheel of a relationship which the Ghost actress never accepted, the latter got hold of the TED star and phoned her. A source close to Moore stated that she “doesn’t care for Mila,” but she believed it was her responsibility to tell Kutcher’s fiancée about the true nature of her soon-to-be husband. Although Kunis was reportedly shocked to hear his fiance’s ex-wife, she did not take into consideration what Moore told her about the multiple affairs the Two and a Half Men star had.

After the TED star was spotted attending a prenatal yoga class, a source confirmed to E! News that the happy couple is expecting a baby, approximately one month after she was seen wearing a massive diamond ring while out with her mother. Moreover, a friend of the couple told Us Weekly that they both “feel like they won the baby lottery” and, although the news came as a shock for them, they gladly accepted the challenge. The same person also mentioned that the idea of creating a family determined them to fall deeper in love. Rumors regarding Kunis’ pregnancy began after she made an appearance with the engagement ring, but the news was confirmed only by close friends. Further information regarding the sex of the baby or whether the couple is having twins is yet to be disclosed, but in the meantime, an insider told Star that the pregnancy affected Moore, Kutcher’s ex-wife to the core and could have thrown her into yet another desperate situation. Demi Moore, who was the third wheel in the relationship between Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis for most of their romance is seemingly affected by the pregnancy.

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