DeSean Jackson Set to Jet to New Team


Sources say that there is less than a 5% chance DeSean Jackson will return to the Philadelphia Eagles next season. That’s bad news for Eagles fans but Jets fan are soaring with excitement at the chance to land Jackson. The big question for many is why is DeSean Jackson set to leave Philly for the Jets or any new team?

Jackson had his most productive season with 1,332 yards on 82 catches. His 9 touchdowns aren’t astronomical but his 60 first downs are. He is indeed a valuable asset for any quarterback. His speed and tenacity ranks high around the league. His ability as a return man adds to his value. So why are the Eagles willing to part with him? The answer is not so clear.

If the Eagles release Jackson they would create $6 million in dead money that would ultimately save them $6.75 million next year. That’s not chump change, but will it be worth it to give up such production? Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles enjoyed great success partly due to Jackson’s ability. The last thing Eagles head coach Chip Kelly needs is for Foles to regress in his second year as the starting signal caller.

There is some speculation that there may have been a clash of personalities between Jackson and Kelly. Even getting to a point that Jackson reportedly has stopped returning Kelly’s calls. But on the flip side, rumors say it’s the other way around and that Kelly has stopped taking Jackson’s calls.  Either way there is no communication between the two and that is a sure indicator that the relationship has deteriorated to the point of no return.

The Eagles have said nothing officially but sources have said the team is open to several possibilities, one being a trade. Some reports have been the team is willing to take a 3rd round pick and perhaps going as low as a 5th round pick. If a trade can’t happen then there is the possibility that the Eagles release Jackson, getting nothing for him. Many teams eager to get the receiver could sit on the trade scenario and wait and see if they can get him as a free agent if he is released.

The Jets have the cap space to make Jackson’s high salary of over $10 million next year work. The chance to pair the speedster with newly acquired quarterback Michael Vick and Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg who is the former coordinator with the Eagles, may be too good to pass up. The Eagles more than likely will hold off on any real action until training camp or the preseason to make their decision. If Jackson is set to join a new team, the Jets could be the perfect destination.

Jackson has not helped his cause by taking to social media to give his insight on the situation. On his Instagram account, Jackson posted a pic of a lonely road with the caption “Life Goes On”.

This is a saga that will play out over the months leading up to the new season. There are sure to be continued speculation with the rumor mill churning overtime. However, if the sources are correct, then DeSean Jackson is set to jet the Eagles nest to a new team next season.

By Tony Bowers


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