DeSean Jackson Trade Rumors: Patriots and 49ers In the Mix

DeSean Jackson Trade RumorsDeSean Jackson trade rumors may have started out as unsupported conjecture but over the last few days, the evidence just keeps piling up that this trade may well be a reality. The Eagles appear to be willing to cut ties with their star wide receiver, and the question now appears to be if there is a team in the NFL willing to make a sweet enough offer to convince the Eagles to follow through with this plan. Currently, the Patriots and the 49ers look like the two most attractive teams in the mix.

The biggest hurdle to overcome, as in most trades, is the star’s contract. Jackson is owed around $12 million for next season, which could be a big issue for any team interested. However, this trade will also mean that Jackson can ask for a new contract. If that happens, any team that trades for him could structure a deal where the amount of money owed this season would better suit their prospectus and could mean a bigger pay day for Jackson further down the line.

The Eagles’ two most promising suitors right now appear to be the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots. These are two teams that are already Super Bowl contenders, having made it to last year’s Conference Championship games, but also two teams that have suffered defeat and are hungry to improve.

The New England Patriots appear to have more salary cap space than the 49ers, but some experts think that San Francisco may be willing to get rid of a defensive game changer in order to get this deal down. Experts expect the Patriots to have close to $8 million in salary cap space while the 49ers would only have $4 million. However, the Patriots’ lone bargaining chip in terms of players of interest is 23-year-old Sealver Siliga, who has only seen limited action but appears to be a capable defensive tackle when in the game.

The 49ers, on the other hand, could be willing to part with Aldon Smith, one of the faces of their franchise. Rumors are flying that the 49ers might like to see Smith gone due to off-the-field issues he has been having with the team. Ironically enough, Jackson has had similar problems with management during his stay in Philadelphia, but managers are often willing to hope that a change of scenery and fresh start is enough to smooth over relations with a star player like Smith or Jackson. Smith would no doubt be a huge acquisition for the Eagles’ defensive, which was dismantled on the ground against the New Orleans Saints in last year’s playoffs. Smith would be a tough player for the 49ers to see go, but Jackson is coming off of a Pro-Bowl year and could add some match-up problems for any team trying to defend its offense, even the Seattle Seahawks’ Legion of Boom.

Neither team has an early pick in next year’s draft, with the Patriots’ earliest pick the 29th with the Niners following them at 30th. A package of a few draft picks is always a possibility, however, as both of these teams look to stay in the mix. Despite coming off of a Pro-Bowl season, DeSean Jackson might be ready to be traded from Philadelphia and Chip Kelly’s exciting Eagles offense.

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