Despite Ugly Name Blogging Continues to Holds Fascination

Despite Ugly Name Blogging Continues to Hold Fascination

Despite the ugly name associated with blogging, the venue continues to hold fascination. Blog topics range widely and even wildly plus, here’s the big hook that the public at large realizes, anyone can start a blog. Blogs are born out of various reasons and states of mind, however maintaining a blog going can quickly be experienced as hard work. It takes energy and time to construct content. Understandably experts in the medium recommend having something continual to say and solid writing skills as essentials to managing a quality blog. The main point of blogging for most bloggers is to produce something of quality that will interest readers. Then secondary to blogging is being able to monetize a product. This is doubly important if a blogger has developed a product to accompany blog posts.

Blogs promoting a project or vision could very well be, for instance, a continuation of what is known as serial storytelling, the type that newspapers or magazines formerly printed. Many books began life as blog postings, later bundled together, edited and published using the blog process itself as a platform to attract an audience. Going further into that line of thought “World War II Today” is a daily blog featuring an event from the Second World War and combines photos, films and write ups of past happenings on a specific date in time. Nosing around this type of blog may lead the curious to explore more postings and postings are self-evident to the person managing the blog. A blog following this type of formula is easier to direct than a blog that tells of a wondrous voyage or change of lifestyle because the outcome of the project is assured. Not only is the end of the project certain to the reader but the writer’s expertise and organization, also viable means of income, is exhibited.

Given that a specified topic can reach a large yet perhaps particular audience, blogs continue to hold the reader’s fascination when looking for advice or comparing experiences.  At times the day-to-day topics such as planning dinner or tips on child rearing to the resonant reader provide more adequate material than a sensationalist blog on “taboo” subjects such as sex. Further on that line of thought, blogging experts also may advise avoiding nuances, and not taking on too many points in one posting to gain easy access to greater public interest. The simpler it is, or the easier the message comes across, the better. Some blog postings can be as short as one paragraph, usually then with an emphasis on engaging the reader in some way to respond and fill in the blanks.

The very name “blog” connotes a casual style of interaction or an unofficial continual event in which all may be invited. It’s also this connotation that may invite blogging itself to ridicule. If a writer is brave enough to share their opinions and lifestyles with the public at large, they are making themselves open to commentary by coming out of anonymity. Not that much commentary may appear, promoting a blog successfully requires the same amount of hard work as supplying content.


Despite Ugly Name Blogging Continues

Bloggers working from a platform, say a newspaper or in the case that they happen to have a celebrity name and an agency, are provided more of a direct audience. Successful monetization is based upon the acquaintance between interest and status. The blog format releases professional journalists from the constrictions of unbiased reporting. Many larger online newspaper such as The New York Times, do provide a complete blog section in which topics are explored through a more relaxed podium. Audiences seeking news or information via search browsers may sample a wide selection of professional and hobbyist opinions or experiences by accessing blogs. Giving rise to a mass of independent views of expression, and despite the ugly name, blogging continues to hold fascination.


By Persephone Abbott

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