Dinosaurs to Roam America in July


The popular dinosaur show Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular is going on a tour of America in July, giving dinosaurs another chance to roam their old territory.  The show is based on the award-winning BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs.

The dinosaur show is returning to North America after a 2007 tour. This tour will visit several cities in the United States and Canada and will feature significant updates to the dinosaurs, to reflect advances in scientific knowledge.

The show uses puppets, mannequins, and some mechanical animals to showcase 200 million years of natural history. The time period for the show covers what scientists call the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

The stars of the show would be the dinosaurs of course, A brachiosaur, at 36 feet tall and 56 feet nose to tail, will be the biggest creature. The show will feature as many as 20 dinosaurs in total, representing 10 species.

A team of costume designers and engineers worked for more than a year to make the dinosaurs more realistic, and to give them more movement. For example, the creatures can bat their eyelids. The biggest puppets need three operators and can weigh 1.6 tons.

The Arena Spectacular will have sound effects as well, including roaring dinosaurs.

About $20 million dollars has been invested in this new show, according to the producer.

The Walking With Dinosaurs show premiered in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and played in six Australian cities. The new show will allow dinosaurs to roam America beginning in July and running through early 2015.

The producers announced 22 tour dates in the United States and Canada, beginning with a July show in Cleveland, Ohio July 9-13 at the Quicken Loans Center, then the Barclay Center in New York City from July 16-20, and the Prudential center in New Jersey July 23-27. The tour will wrap up January 11, 2015.  Other stops include Montreal, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Milwaukee.

This show will include a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a baby and with feathers. Feathers will be prominent in this show because of discoveries about the links between birds and ancient reptiles that have advanced our understanding of what dinosaurs are like since the last tour in 2007.

Recent paleontological research has shown that many dinosaurs had feathers, or something resembling feathers that paleontologists call “dino-fuzz.”

Phillip Mallar, a “dine-geek” as he describes himself, said the producers had decided to bring the creatures up-to-date. For example, the T-Rex is more closely related to a modern sparrow than to a Stegosaur. They are applying feathers to dinosaurs they are fairly confident did have them,

Science has moved ahead of peoples’ ideas about dinosaurs in other ways as well. The T-Rex has been depicted as moving about at a 45 degree angle instead of holding its body nearly parallel to the ground. The giant brontosaurus is thought of a swamp-dwelling animal, though science now indicates this is not correct.

More feathers and bird-like features will also be on display for the same reason. The velociraptor will be more feathery than the version featured in Jurassic Park.

With this new show, dinosaurs that are scientifically accurate, will be free to roam America and Canada beginning in July.

By Chester Davis

The Almagest

Austrian Tribune

Washington Post


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