‘Doctor Who’ Gets Keeley Hawes as a Villain

Doctor WhoDoctor Who is getting a new villain, and it will be none other than Line of Duty star Keeley Hawes. The exact timing for the actress to appear in the show is not quite confirmed, but it will be during Peter Capaldi’s first season.

Creator of the popular science fiction show, Steven Moffat, has stated that this will be one of the most dangerous villains the show has ever seen. Her job on the planet that The Doctor and his assistant land on is a banker—a job that is evil without even being on the show!

Ashes to Ashes fans will recognize Hawes for her performance as Alex Drake. However, she has also played Lady Agnes Holland in the recent reboot of Upstairs Downstairs and more recently played Lindsay Denton in Line of Duty.

She has not come from an acting background. In fact, her brother and father drive taxis in the United Kingdom. That does not stop them from being proud of Hawes, and they share her upcoming performances with anyone who will listen. It has not been an easy decision to go for acting though. Since she grew up in Marylebourne in London, she needed to take elocution lessons because her accent was too strong to get her any roles. She originally became a model, but it lasted 18 months until she realized that she had to stay skinny the whole time.

Now she has managed to score a role of her life by getting to appear on Doctor Who as a villain. This is a major dream for many British actors and actresses, and even for those around the world. The TV show has become one of the most popular worldwide series, and there was a lot of hype surrounding the 50th anniversary episode which aired in November 2013.

In the episode, Hawes will play a character called Ms. Delphox, and so far all that has been shared is that she has a dark secret. It is something that Capaldi’s Doctor and his assistant played by Jenna Coleman will find out about along the way after they land on the planet.

Fans of the show will not be disappointed by the episode. It has been written by Doctor Who veteran writer Steve Thompson. He has written a number of episodes, including the Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

A number of big names have had the opportunity to star on the alien TV show. Kylie Minogue starred in an episode centered around an out-of-this-world version of the Titanic, which The Doctor crashed into accidentally. John Hurt gained the memorable role as The War Doctor for the 50th anniversary, while Scottish-born John Barrowman played Captain Jack Harkness and gained his own spin-off Torchwood.

The episode has already been filmed and will be aired at some point during the fall when the show returns to the air. She told the media that it is a character that she has really enjoyed playing. By getting Hawes as a Doctor Who villain, the season with a new Doctor is shaping up to be exciting.

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