Russell Brand to Write a Book for the Revolution

Russell BrandRussell Brand has hinted that he is writing a book for the revolution that he would like to see happen in the United Kingdom. Just last year, the actor and comedian explained his wish for a revolution to happen to overthrow the current government, despite stating that his has never voted in the UK elections.

The 38-year-old comedian is well-known for his political rants. One of his most well-known rants was on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman. The video quickly hit the top 10 of most watched videos on YouTube, as people smiled and laughed at his passion and drive to get everyone to join in with his wish for a revolution. He also made it clear that apathy did not come from the people, but from the politicians as they focus more on the corporations and not on the majority that vote them into power.

Brand has already proven to be a success author, after releasing Book Wook and Booky Wook 2: This Time Its Personal, which both covered his life. He has had the chance to share the path he has taken, his trouble with drug addiction and how he has become sober. Now it is time for his to share his plans for a glorious revolution.

The new book currently has no name—or if it does, it is being kept a secret—but it will be released around October. Century publishing director Ben Dunn has already bought the book that Brand is writing about his own revolution dreams. Dunn explained that after following the comedian for so long and reading his other books, he really wanted to be a part of that passion.

The decision to write the book came after so many people asked about how to start this movement against the government. Brand feels like he is qualified to write on the subject because he has gained so much knowledge through reading and “looking at the sky.” He has done interviews and watched TV documentaries enough to gather all the information he needs. Now he can put it all together comprehensively in a book for anybody to understand.

Not everyone is going to enjoy the material in the book. The 38-year-old admits that he is going to share his own opinions and views about very difficult subjects, and they include inequality and financial problems. He will also go into the mistrust that people have for politicians. His aim is to get people fired up and ready to take action, so he will be harsh within the book.

Despite wanting a revolution, he does not want one that mimics the likes of the French Revolution. During a talk at Cambridge University, he made it clear that he wanted it to be peaceful and sexy. People need to feel like it is fun and a part of who they are. There was talk about whether he would ever run for government, but he made it clear that people need to think about what they are voting for rather than the who they are voting for.

There is no definitely date for the release yet, but it is expected around October. Century will publish Brand’s book as he writes about how to make a revolution happen.

By Alexandria Ingham


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