Does the United Kingdom Value Human Life?

Does the United Kingdom Value Human Life?

Does the United Kingdom value  human life? Many people are wondering that at the moment after it has being reported that thousands of aborted and miscarried fetuses were set fire to and called “clinical waste” in order to heat various hospitals across that country. The remains also were used in “waste-to-energy” plants. A news investigation was stated to have discovered that over 15,000 fetuses were burned by the dozens by the National Health Service trusts in the past two years. Around 10 of the 27 NHS trusts named have confessed to incinerating the fetuses remains along with other types of waste. Two others acknowledged to using the bodies in the waste-to-energy plants in order to produce power for heat, reported the news analysis.

Health minister Dr. Dan Poulter, who works for the British Department of Health declared that the practice was totally unacceptable and said that the department had issued a ban on burning fetuses Sunday evening. He added that even though most hospitals are acting in the correct way, that has to be the case for every hospital and the Human Tissue Authority has now been asked to make sure it acts on this issue without any type of delay.

The Addenbrooke hospital, which is located in Cambridge, and is considered one of Britain’s top hospitals, incinerated nearly 800 aborted fetuses. A waste-to-energy facility located in the Ipswich Hospital burned over 1,100 fetuses which had been brought in from another hospital. The investigation discovered that the mothers of the fetuses were very often treated inhospitably and were never truthfully told what would happen to the fetuses’ remains. Instead they were told that the fetuses were to be cremated, the investigation discovered.

Mike Richards, who is the Chief Inspector of Hospitals, stated that he was very disappointed that trusts were not truthfully notifying or talking to women and their families. Such a breach lowers standards on concerning and also involving the individuals who use the hospital services.

A spokesperson who came from the Ipswich Hospital stated Ipswich was stunned to find out fetuses had been brought in from another hospital and burned up at its facility.  She declared that the hospital did not incinerate fetal remains.

Such news has caused outraged and sickened many people across the United Kingdom and the entire world. The U.K. Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor put on Twitter that the revelation was the stuff of nightmares. It has people all over the entire world asking the question if the United Kingdom values human life.

Conservatives and pro life supporters in the United States felt that the news was not shocking, considering it was in a society that they stated had no value of human life. Another person tweeted that in a culture that excuses and even sometimes funds abortion, this really was not shocking. Some right wingers wanted to know how Planned Parenthood or Wendy Davis felt about the news. An activist for Planned Parenthood, Davis had become so well known for her pro choice stance in Texas, she was labeled as “Abortion Barbie” to many right wing individuals.

It needs to be remembered this occurred in the United Kingdom and not the United States. So does the U.K. value human life or not due to the burning of thousands of aborted and miscarried fetuses? It is not for any one person to decide and how the situation is handled is up to that country.

By Kimberly Ruble


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