Emma Watson Special Comic Intro to Noah Trailer for Her fans (Video)

Emma Watson Special Comic Intro to Noah Trailer for Her fans (Video)

Emma Watson has done a special comic intro to the new Noah film’s trailer just for her fans. We have the video below so that her fans can see the very funny introduction to this epic biblical type film. The 23 year-old actress seems to be starting a new trend, appearing in apocalyptic films at the rate of one per year.

In 2013 she appeared in the Seth Rogen, and James Fransico, film This Is the End. This surrealistic “end of the world” movie had a plethora of popular and iconoclastic film actors who portrayed versions of themselves. In Watson’s case, she appeared as Emma Watson, but played a caricature of her real persona. After hearing part of a cringeworthy conversation between the rest of the cast, all male, who are speaking about the “elephant in the room” i.e. Emma being the only female, she freaks out and takes charge. As one character in the film says, “Hermione took all our sh*t.”

The actress’s role in This Is the End was a blazingly brilliant cameo that, to be honest, was one of the better ones in the movie. Although Michael Cera’s portrayal as a egotistical annoyance was fairly close. Watson made her name, and learned her craft, via the Harry Potter films as, Hermione Granger the “half-muggle” witch in training at Hogwarts; eventual girlfriend to Ron Weasley and part of the heroic Potter triangle in the film series.

In the upcoming star-studded Bible story being revisited by Paramount Pictures, Watson plays Ila, the adopted daughter of Noah. There are a lot of big names in this quasi-religious tale written and directed by Darren Aronofsky, although it should be said that the director “adapted” the story from the bible.

Emma Watson has done a very funny opening intro to the film trailer for Noah as a special treat for her fans. Watching the trailer, however, it looks like Noah’s adopted daughter may not make it past the rising water portion of the film.

Aronofsky’s last picture was the brilliantly done Black Swan in 2010 and before that he make The Wrestler in 2008, which was an exercise in depression. Black Swan established the director as being a new version of the old film auteur Alfred Hitchcock and now, with his versions of Noah’s ark, he seems to have the legendary Cecil B. DeMille’s crown firmly in his sights.

Sadly, there are no names from the ballet/horror/thriller of 2010, which was a huge success for Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Winona Ryder and Vincent Cassel, not to mention Barbara Hershey as the uber creepy mother. This film utilizes Russell Crowe as Noah, talk about being cast “against type,” one almost expects, in the trailer at any rate, to hear the actor declare that his name is Maximus.

Jennifer Connelly is his wife, Anthony Hopkins is Methuselah, Noah’s father, and Ray Winstone, is the local “big bad” Tubal Cain. This descendant of the original Cain, who slew his brother Abel, is a local chap who seems bound and determined to seize Noah’s ark and save himself as well as any who want to join him.

The film’s trailer, with its special Emma Watson comic intro, show Noah as being a sort of Maximus type character in this Bible tale of the apocalyptic destruction of Earth the first time around. Watson’s fans may really appreciate the humor that she brings to the trailer, but, others may not be inclined to laugh. At the end of this preview of coming attractions there is a long explanatory note stating that the original story is the basis of the film and that it, the movie, attempts to “stay true” to the tale. It opens this year on March 28, it will be interesting to see what the more religious members of the community make of the film. The Noah trailer is below for your enjoyment.

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