Facebook and Twitter No Makeup Selfies Are Raising Money for Cancer

FacebookGuardian Liberty Voice reported yesterday that the Facebook and Twitter no makeup selfies were not doing any good for cancer research, but more and more women have reported that they are raising money after all. The original report came after numerous people started questioning just how the selfies of women were helping the cancer charities.

The truth is the idea behind the no makeup selfies on social media sites was lost for a while. Women would tag their friends, and it led to the men having fun with it by posting selfies of themselves wearing makeup or their own ideas of themselves without makeup on. While many women still believe that it was raising awareness, the idea to actually help the charities was lost behind the fun and games of the gimmick.

The Facebook and Twitter gimmick has been hit with criticism and support. Some women who have had mastectomies have found offense in the idea of all women to post photos without makeup. One user decided to post a photo of her bare chest showing the real sacrifice of breast cancer. However, Cancer Research UK used it for their own marketing efforts to encourage people to donate via text.

It was arguably the marketing campaign from the cancer charity that has seen the surge in donations. While some women will argue that the Twitter and Facebook no makeup selfies are raising money for cancer charities, it is the highlight from the media and charities using the gimmick to their own advantage. Cancer awareness has been raised by the selfies, but that is no good without the donations to the charities. Donations do not happen when the real reason behind the no makeup selfies is lost behind the fun and games.

Cancer charities have finally started to see a surge in donations. Women are even now posting a shot of the text that they have sent to donate alongside their photo with no makeup on. This has helped to highlight the main reason behind the campaign. Of course, some women regularly donate, so state that instead of posting the text that has been sent.

Despite initially bemused by the gimmick, some women have defended the actions not to donate because awareness of the disease is being raised. The argument is that prevention is better. However, the counter argument for that is that cancer charities still need the donations to be able to create treatments and cures even for those who catch cancer in the early stages. Without this, the cancer would develop anyway.

Some women have opted for a different strategy for the no makeup selfies. PR firm employee, Sophie Williams has offered to donate 50p to Cancer Research for each like that she receives. This is going to end up being more than the suggested £3 from Cancer Research UK.

The exact surge has not yet been confirmed, but Cancer Research has confirmed that there has been an “unprecedented” rise in the number of text donations. It shows that the Facebook and Twitter no makeup selfies are raising money for the cancer charities, despite the initial confusion over the benefit of them.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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3 Responses to "Facebook and Twitter No Makeup Selfies Are Raising Money for Cancer"

  1. Jennifer Fuller   March 30, 2014 at 8:33 am

    Last night a good buddy of mine asked me, “What’s up with all the no-make up pics? I think it’s pretty stupid.” and then he laughed. Actually it was a question and then a statement. And…I was disappointed in his reaction. I have to admit, I’ve seen the Facebook posts mocking this “cancer-fighting trend”, and I’ve giggled at a few of them. That’s because I can laugh at myself, but it did get me wondering…Are some people really that at a loss, to why women are posting themselves without make-up for the sake of cancer awareness?
    Well…I can’t speak for all woman kind, but I can speak on my own behalf. If you’ve ever had a friend, a loved one, a family member diagnosed, fighting, or actually perish from cancer it is the most powerless feeling in the world. There is NOTHING you can do to help….Oh sure, you can be supportive, hold a hand when needed, give a ride to the doctor’s appointment, even offer up words of encouragement and prayer…but it won’t take away the fear….for you, or for them.
    My Mother Jane was originally diagnosed with breast cancer roughly 5 years ago. Get a load of this…it was the size of the tip of an ink pen. That’s right…that little ball at the end of a pen. I remember thinking, “THANK GOD! It’s not big at all, and they caught it early!!” Which, was truly a blessing. All my mother had to endure at the time, was MONTHS of radiation and day-out surgery. It could of been worse…chemo, breast removal, her life. I still remember being shocked, looking at her purple charred skin, which was being burned like a toxic sunburn from the radiation treatment, and the 4 black tattooed dots on her breast, which marked the EXACT location the radiation machine had to be put each time. I remember the utter shock, when they went in to remove the “tiny” bit of cancer she had, and she came out with a huge chunk of her breast removed…I’m talking huge, almost half. You know, just to make sure they got it all.
    But…it’s well worth it, if the cancer is gone right? I have my mother, she’s healthy, and we’ll just call that a “close call” and move on with our lives.
    This year, after several years of follow-up “Cancer-Free” mammograms, they found another spot. This spot much bigger, and of course, the most aggressive type of breast cancer you can get. They took my mother’s left breast. They will be taking the right one sometime this summer, simply for “per-caution”…..But I still have my mother. Watching her go through the roller coaster of “having cancer” has been one of the most scary, petrifying things to witness…. Watching and feeling the disappointment that the cancer was back, then being subjected to different doctor’s opinions of what she should do (Some said surgery was not necessary, just chemo…others said surgery only, and others suggested only medication…giving you a sense that they had given up). Seeing my mother worry, and being the loving woman that she is, actually break down into sobbing tears, overwhelmed that she might of shared her “cancer infested genes” with her daughters, and watch as her fear for her own life dwindled, while the absolute heart breaking terror for her daughter’s future lives…. entered her thoughts. There was fear, guilt, worry, and misery in her eyes. I will never forget that look…
    She struggled with being less of a woman for her husband, the guilt of the time needed to heal which would restrict her from taking care of my Grandmother, and then of course, there is fear of the surgery it’s self. And let us not forget…losing a boob. One of the major things that make a woman, a woman..she suffered a sudden identity crisis…she was losing a huge part of herself.
    Prayers, hugs, supportive words, and hospital flowers were rained upon her, and she came out just fine. Next is the healing…Her one night in the hospital lost her a boob, but gained her MERSA. More visits to the doctor, more medication, more cost, more defeat. She is healing up, though the skin that was treated by the radiation is not…and reconstructive surgery may be problematic. BUT, she’s alive…And I can still hug her. Wrap my arms around her, and tell her I love her. Thank you doctors…and thank you Almighty God!
    So, yes…Make-up less photos do not cure cancer. Nor does walking around a High School track several times on a special day. Nor putting little pink ribbons on stuff…BUT I will tell you what it does do….at least for me.
    It makes me feel empowered. It gives me a sense of community, a sense of understanding, a sense of family…of awareness. Cancer is not going away. Cancer may not affect you, or a loved one today…but it may tomorrow…not that I wish that on another living soul. But, if it does decide to rear it’s ugly head…you have support.
    I was lucky enough to not lose my mother to Cancer, though there are wonderful women in my life, who were not so lucky. I’m lucky to not have cancer myself, though…once again, there are others I know who are/were not. It’s a crap shoot.
    So, in response to my friend’s question. “The no-make up pics are to support the awareness of breast cancer (any cancer for that matter). Because we would all be so luck to only be stripped of our make-up…and not our lives

  2. Tracey Smith   March 20, 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Sadly a lot of the negative reports were made with people not knowing the full facts. I posted onFB , donated to cancer research and asked people to do the same. I also posted on Twitter , but due to space limitations didn’t put about the donation. Then had abusive messages sent to me telling me what a bad person I was for doing it, and I was doing it for all the wrong reasons . How anyone who has never met me can do that is beyond me. Hope after hearing about all the money raised that they are now eating their words.

  3. Miriam Harding   March 20, 2014 at 8:00 am

    What negative reporting, I would suggest that any further reporting should concentrate on the positive response in the form of monetary donations that supporters have made. Nothing like putting a spanner in the works and ruining a good thing.

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