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Shakira, who released a new album on March 25, has become the most favorite musician on Facebook. The singer has more than 86 million “followers.” Shakira has beaten all competitors. Before that, singer Rihanna and rapper Eminem had the most Facebook fans. Colombian star did not hide the enthusiasm over the achievement and has shared her feelings on Facebook.

“Wow… I have just received the news that I now have the most followed page on Facebook. I still can not believe it, ” Shakira wrote on her Facebook page. She has also added that she always wanted a lot of friends but that she never imagined that there will be so many. Shakira thanked her fans for all of their support and sent them a kiss.

The true story of her enthusiasm begins in Shakira’s home town Barranquilla. When she was eight, her father lost his jewelry store and went bankrupt. Almost overnight, the family remained without those little luxuries that they had: two cars, color televisions and air conditioning. When her parents saw how their daughter was affected by this loss, they have taken her to the nearby park to show her what despair really means: homeless orphans, inhaling glue to forget how hungry they are. “These were very small children, like me. Only that they did not have anyone to protect them, “remembers Shakira.” She has told herself that she will succeed and help these children.

The path she has chosen was music. She began writing her own songs and appearing in local competitions. When she was thirteen she learned that known music producer will be in town. She went to the hotel where he was staying and sang to him in the lobby. And so she got her first recording contract. In the years that followed, she has released two albums, but they were not very successful. The publishing house has decided that she will be given one last chance. And what happened? She issued the album Pies Descalzos that brought her fame.

Pies Descalzos means barefoot, which relates to the orphans who can not afford shoes, just like the orphans which have inspired Shakira. Her educational charity foundation is named by the album and it is called The Barefoot Foundation. Breakthrough album in English language took place six years later, in 2001 and it was called Laundry Service. Four years later she has released the album Hips Don’t Lie. Since then, she has worked with artists from Beyonce to Carlos Santana and even sang at the inauguration of President Obama.

Her new album, called Shakira was released on March 25. According to Shakira it is a mix of rock, folk, Latino-pop, dance, and even a bit of reggae. This is her fourth album in English, last issued was She Wolf in 2009. All together, this is the tenth album from the 37-year-old pop star. When creating the album Shakira, the singer has worked with big names of the music industry such as writers Sia Furler and Steve Mac, producer John Hill and musicians Blake Sheldon, Rihanna and group Magic. Becoming the most favorite musician on Facebook has confirmed that Shakira is on the right track to achieving her dreams.

By: Janette Verdnik

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