Fire in Montrose: The Smallest Victim

FireA cat can sometimes find themselves in the most precarious situations, but the fire’s smallest victim is being treated at the Montrose Vet Clinic with severe burns all over her body. A mature 1-3 year old female cat was brought into the clinic by a client that lives in the area. She was found shortly after the blaze that destroyed the Axis; a six story luxury high-rise that has been under contraction since August 2012. The female cat had been wandering aimlessly around the complex severely burned and scared over 40 percent of her body.

The fire broke out a just before 1:00PM on March 25th at the 2400 block of West Dallas near Montrose. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined, but the fire broke out on the roof and set the entire construction site ablaze within minutes. With flames shooting so high into the air the entire city had a live view of the destruction first hand. Ironically, one of the crew members who narrowly escaped the blaze was on site to fireproof and inspect the property. Even as the Montrose complex was completely destroyed everyone, even the fire’s smallest victim, made it out alive.

Residents in the neighborhood found the frightened kitty smelling of burnt fur and blinded; yet still purring. In speaking with Sonya Pursell, of the Montrose Vet Clinic, she confirms that the hopes of a full recovery are good but she will have a long recovery. The damage is so severe that pictures are being held by the clinic even though some have been taken already, possibly by the rescuer, and posted online. The clinic suspects that the cat, checked for a microchip and without a collar, may have been a stowaway resident of the burned down property. Her injuries are so varied that they have yet to determine if she was ever spayed or if she may have left a litter behind. The clinic is unsure if she will ever recover her eye site and hope that they may be able to secure an approved adoptive pet parent that will know how to care for her needs in the future. Montrose’s smallest fire victim has shown such courage and strength in her painful recovery. She is sweet and loving, says Pursell of the Montrose Vet Clinic. In situations like these there will be an on-slot of potential adoptive pet parents but they insist it must be the right fit for the cat’s needs.

The care for the injured cat comes at a high price for the clinic who has taken on the costs in order to save her life. The clinic is not asking for donation, but donations are certainly needed for the current and future care of this amazing cat. With months of medical care ahead of her and an undetermined long-term recovery time, the costs could be extensive. Anyone wishing to donate monetary aid can call the clinic at 713-524-3814. Animal lovers can also follow her recovery on their Facebook page at The Montrose clinic has been a staple in the care and rescue of Houston area animals and have been apart of the Houston rescue movement for year. It is time we all step up and help them with the Montrose fire’s smallest victim.

Opinion By Kimberly Beller

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