Football World Cup 2014

FootballFor ages, soccer or football as known in some countries, has been one of the most enthusiastic sports for all different ages. Football was less popular in some countries such as the United States, where people were more interested in basketball and baseball. But football has always been the most popular game that attracted millions of people to watch it. It has brought people together despite their different cultures, backgrounds, religions and beliefs.

Due to the cultural diversity in all over the world, the interest in football varies from one community to another. While in some communities, football is a main source of income and generates huge profits to clubs and players, youth in other countries still play football bare footed and on rocky fields. Some countries invest millions of dollars every year on developing their fields, while people in other countries still fight to get a piece of land to practice football.

Compared to past decades, football is now well organized in the world. High standard soccer fields exist all over the world. Football clubs are getting increased influence in their communities. Numerous teams were created all over the world. Several countries started to develop their teams and to encourage their players to move to clubs that have long history of development in the soccer field. By introducing the players to professional international experience, each country hopes to strengthen its national team.

As countries developed an interest in strengthening the capabilities of their football players, and in increasing the popularity of football, the Federation Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) played an important role in organizing the football “industry”.  FIFA is the association that brings the lovers of football together and allows all the teams from all the different counties in the world to be part of a big thing was created in the 20th Century as the main body that represents all the international football teams.

The football world cup occurs once every four years. This year, the competition will be held in Brazil. The preparations started already, and everyone started to feel the fever of the games. People from all ages are so excited for the football world cup competition, and started to purchase tickets and reserve their seats. The airports are expecting thousands if not millions of people to arrive in the coming hundred days. Everyone is full of enthusiasm and excitement for the new competitor to start in June 2014.

Many TV channels started to compete to broadcast the matches live. In some countries, people are already complaining from the high subscription fees to watch the matches. The public places such as the restaurants, bars, lounges and coffee shops started to prepare their summer gardens to host the football world cup competition games. Those public spaces arrange to put wide plasma screens with great sound systems all over their places in order to create fever and excitement among the fans. People forget the tension of life and appreciate the great techniques of the famous sport.

Many crises are facing the world. Nations are fighting among resources influence and interest. There are several issues that are separating the people in the world. Football or soccer is for sure uniting people all around the world.

By Georgina Abboud


The Guardian

Via Satellite

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