Free StoryShift App Creates a New Medium for Readers and Authors

Free StoryShift App Creates New Medium for Readers and Authors

StoryShift is a FREE app that, quite literally, invents a new medium for fiction lovers and fiction authors. the app, put out by Evil-Dog Productions, made its debut somewhat quietly this past January on gaming sites like ArmorGames and NewGrounds, but it’s steadily gaining in popularity.

The StoryShift app allows you to do nothing less than shape the narratives of your favorite authors, as they are in the process of writing new chapters for upcoming books.

App developer, Marco Arsenault, calls the concept a simple one. Authors just write the first chapter of a new work, ending it with a choice for readers to make, similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure books, according to Arsenault. Free StoryShift App Creates New Medium for Readers and Authors

For example, the choice could be to choose which path a character will go down, or what weapon should be used to defeat the relentless armies of Orcs or the Living Dead you must combat. Readers vote on the choice they would prefer, and then the author is provided with the voting results, and the choice which received the most votes gets incorporated into the following chapter.

According to Arsenault, he wanted “to build a platform to work with amazing writers.”

For him, StoryShift is the perfect way to accomplish this goal. Arsenault wanted to combine the social media aspect with the art of creating literature, to allow readers to have greater input in making what they read more suspenseful and enjoyable to them. He calls StoryShift “a way to bring together the talent of writers and artists and the readers, in a unique community-driven storytelling experience.”

How does the voting for the StoryShift app work?

The rounds of voting each lasts a week. Then, the authors are provided a few days to write the next chapter, incorporating the choice that readers voted as being their favorite.

Stories the first round ranged the gamut from Science Fiction, comics, Horror, and Fantasy.

One renowned author who really enjoys using the free StoryShift app is James Renner. He’s written books like the enthralling, suspenseful novel The Man from Primrose Lane, a psychological thriller that will take your breath away. Free StoryShift App Creates New Medium for Readers and Authors

Renner stumbled upon the Evil-Dog app one day while playing online games with his six-year-old son. He loved the idea right from the start, and he decided that he “had to be a part of it.”

Not long after that, he contacted Arsenault, and his latest thriller, Expedition Z, soon was up at the StoryShift app.The story takes place some 20 years following a zombie apocalypse.

The main protagonists are two young explorers sent out across the width and breadth of the United States (what’s left of it) looking for survivors. Already, thousands of votes have come pouring in, with readers expressing their choices for what will happen to Renner’s characters next.

Renner says one aspect that he really likes about the StoryShift app is that it allows for immediate interaction to take place, and a collaboration to occur, between the authors and his or her readers.

According to Renner, he believes that the StoryShift app “will change how stories are written in the future.” It has brought a new sense of excitement to Renner, and a liveliness to his writing style. He compares it to the excitement he felt going to the library when he was a young boy, and “finding something new” there.

It’s simple to download the StoryShift app for yourselves and try it out, and it’s a FREE app, which is even better. Just click on one of the two links below, depending on what sort of smartphone you currently have.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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