‘Game of Thrones’ Arya on a Downward Spiral?

Game of ThronesArya Stark was considered a favorite character for many on Game of Thrones, but it seems that she will be on somewhat of a downward spiral in season four. It is understandable, considering learning that Walder Frey betrayed her mother and brother to have them murdered and knowing that King Joffrey executed her father. She may even still believe that her sister remains in King’s Landing out of choice, and not because she is being held hostage.

Maisie Williams, who plays the character, explained recently that the cheeky comments that she used to make will not appear so much in the next season. A lot has changed, and one of those is that she no longer cares about anything. There is no joy, sadness, or anger inside of her. When she speaks, she speaks bluntly because nothing matters to her anymore.

The Game of Thrones character has also come to a turning point in the search for her family. It does not help that most of them are now dead! She started season two in the hope that she could reunite with her mother and brother. There was even the chance that she would make it back to Winterfell to be with her younger brothers, or to The Wall to be with half-brother Jon Snow. However, that all seems to be a dead-end now. Questions circulate around her head, including why has she been the only one trying so hard to reunite with her family?

It all seems like it has been for nothing for Arya, and it has led the Game of Thrones character on a downward spiral. Williams has spoken out about the downward spiral and the bad path because she wants people to stop rooting for her.

Arya became a favorite for so many reasons. She was just a young girl, trying to make it back to her family while everybody thought she was still in King’s Landing. She was a girl who could do no wrong while trying to survive.

Everything is changing this season, and people are going to start to see a dark side to her. Williams explains that this is intentional. While many shows are set in completely fictional worlds designed to root for one person, the Song of Ice and Fire saga is set where everybody is human. Everyone makes mistakes, and the favorites can die without warning. It has already been seen, with Ned Stark’s execution and the Red Wedding.

However, Williams does defend the move for her character. There is the human process of choice, and some people make bad choices believing that they are for the right reason. That is something Arya will have to face throughout season four and beyond. While she never intends to be evil, some of the decisions she will make will look that way to those watching the HBO series. This season the character will start looking out for herself, just like she will have to now that the majority of her family is dead. It will be a downward spiral for Arya in Game of Thrones, but it will be a spiral she needs to take.

By Alexandria Ingham



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